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Austin Basham / Blog

Night Is Wild: Music Monday: Austin Basham

Half of the time when I mention an artist to someone often they reply "who?" And until last night if someone mentioned Austin Basham to me I would have said exactly the same. I am always open to discovering new artists and bands, when I look for them I can never seem to find something that I really like. Then, unexpectedly I stumble across one that makes me wonder "why have I only just discovered this artist?" All it took was a new follower on Twitter to discover this one. I clicked on their website link, had a listen and began to fall in love with a new artist.

Austin Basham is a indie/folk singer/songwriter and this genre is one of my favourites, I feel that this artist falls under the Nu-Folk genre along with some of my favourites such as Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn and Mumford & Sons. If you like any of these then I think you will like Austin Basham. Even if it is not you type of music, have a listen, you might be surprised by how much you like it. The songs are about love and life, the source of truly great music, channelled through a talented person and musical instruments.

I just wanted to write about this artist because that's what you do when you discover new music. You listen, hopefully enjoy and then you share it with others.

I hope you like this song (it's my favourite one) and have a lovely week. xo Natasha