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Vote Hamerex To Play Rock 'N' Wrestle Festival

Once again we're in a vote to get one of 2 slots left on this years Rock 'n' Wrestle Festival and we need you guys to vote for us. All you have to do is go to http://www.rocknwrestle.co.uk/ and vote for us (They've spelt our name as Hammerex) You don't have to register and only takes a minute so please head over and give us your vote.

Vote Hamerex To Play Rock N Wrestle

This is the basic Facebook from the Hamerex page

Rock N Wrestle has announced its line-up for the 3 day rock and wrestling event from 9th-11th September. There are still 5 slots available and we're in the vote for it so we're asking for all of our friends and fans to please help us and go to http://www.rocknwrestle.co.uk/site/news.php register on the site and vote for Hamerex in the poll to be apart of the line-up which also happens to be Steve's birthday weekend.

For those who have and are going to vote for us we thank you very much as it would be a massive opportunity for the band and would be an excellent 26th birthday present for Steve (the old bugger)

Gigs Cancelled Due To Jockey Closure

Our upcoming gigs at the Jockey in Wakefield have been cancelled as the pub has now closed down. We'd like to apologize to everyone that was intending to come along and we are absolutely guttered about it. We hope those of you that were going to come will come to our gig at the Snooty Fox in April with Narcotic Death, SevenYearsDead and Esclavage. We apologize once again and hope to see you soon.

aLive in 2009

Hamerex are currently booking gigs for the upcoming year with a determination to make their upcoming CD successful. The band are currently playing dates in Bradford, Wakefield and Castleford as well as trying to book some others around the country.

Current Dates The New Beehive Inn - Bradford - Friday 9th Jan The Jockey - Wakefield - Saturday 17th Jan The Lion - Castleford - Sunday 22nd Feb Snooty Fox - Wakefield - Saturday 4th Apr The Jockey -Wakefield - Saturday 4th Jul

D-Day Coming Soon