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February Updates

It's been a bit of slow month, but that's only because the music has been on the stove top simmering away in preparations for the year ahead! Last week (February 4), JIm Fox, Chris Kinder and I got together at Sweet Spot Studios for the ABSOLUTE FINAL final mixes for the "Great Beyond" CD. Mr. Kinder is now in the process of mastering it. Considering we started recording it in April of 2013, we're all very excited about being able to release it--and I thank the many of you who have inquired about purchasing a copy. Trust me, as soon as it's a 'done deal' you'll know about it due to my penchant for shameless promotion. Also in the works and of note: guitarist par excellance Jerry Outlaw is resurrecting his classic rock band The HubbTones, and I've been asked on board as bassist. If you dig the hippest in classic rock (think Traffic, Jeff Beck, Boz Scaggs, and so forth) you're going to love this. Rehearsals start this week. I'll also be continuing to perform with my partner Chris Tripp in Tripp Squared and Tripp Cubed. On Saturday, Feb. 15, I'll play my last gig with Doobius Arbuckle. Drop on by Big Shots in St. Petersburg for my farewell performance. Cheers!

Gig Postings--If You Can't Beat Them, BE Them!

Jase's Farewell Gig with Doobius Arbuckle: Sat. Feb. 15 at 9:30PM Upcoming gigs with Tripp Squared: Sat. Mar. 1 at 6PM--Blind Shark; Largo, FL Fri. Mar. 21 at 6PM--Niagara Tap; Seminole, FL Sat. Mar. 22 at 7PM--Angry Pepper; Seminole, FL ...and more dates on the way!

Am I Missing Something Here?

So--I'm finally getting around to entering some gig dates here on RN. However, if the club I'm scheduled to perform at isn't linked to RN, I can't seem to get those venues to show up in my calendar. RN offers me a "venue suggestion" option--which is tedious and time-consuming, and ultimately the responsibility of a venue's management (if they elect to do so). Am I missing something here? I thought the idea was to promote the artist here at RN; not punish him because of the venue that hired him isn't an active participant on this site. If that's indeed the case, I find it to be a pretty sorry action on the part of RN. I should think they would rather solicit a venue's participation instead of stonewalling the artist. It's an age-old axiom--you catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar...

Winds of Change...

Whilst in the midst of trying to finish the tracking portion of my CD project, I received a phone call from Chris Kinder (drummer/producer/friend) from Jon Oliva's Pain. With the kick-off of Jon's Storytellers tour a scant two months away, I was delighted to be asked to join the fellows on this adventure. This has added a boatload of musical responsibilities to an already full menu. That said, if you happen to be fortunate enough as a musician to actually be working, you find a way to get the job done. As a performing artist, you signed on for a rollercoaster ride predicated on uncertainty eons ago--so these are the opportunities that you have sought from the git-go. The problem is, they rarely come into your life in a manner where you can schedule your routine around them. The opposite is more true; they dictate your circumstances. Time management is a critical resource during this phase...it ultimately determines your sleep patterns! As I work toward my goal of delivering an A-list performance to Jon's tour, continuing my work on my CD, and performing with two live acts, (plus a part time graphics job that requires a bit of weekly travel) I will post some more data on how efficently (or not) I traipse on through this musical mine field. Maybe some of my suggestions/remedies can help other musicians. I certainly would welcome input/feedback from my friends out there with regard to the same!

Heapin' Helpin's of Gratitude

After a long weekend of gigs in two acts playing a combined total of about 80 cover tunes, I'm super-anxious to head back into the recording studio tonight at Sweet Spot in Largo, FL. Recording tracks is the musical equivalent of sculpture--you start out with an idea, build upon that premise, and keep chipping away at it until you (hopefully) have a masterpiece--or at least a work of art. I damn sure couldn't do it without all of my unselfish musical friends and family--credited here: Jim Fox (engineering/producing) and Tara Jennings (representation/promotions); Jay Bailey, Jon Oliva, Josephine Carter, Angie Campbell, & Pat Buffo (vocals); Jerry Outlaw, Scooter Davis, Jim Fox, & Joe Diaz (guitars); Rick Olson & Tom Zvoncheck (keys); Tom McCowan, Chris Kinder, & John Spinelli (drums); Pat Buffo & Jay Bailey (assorted percussion). As for me--I just write the words & music, play bass & rhythm guitar, and try to keep things organized since these very talented musicians all have their own agendas. I am so very grateful for their contributions and belief in our project. And when all is said and done--I think we can all agree it's been a helluva lot of fun!

August 2013 Update...

Summer is notoriously slow for working musicians in Florida; most of us are barely scraping by. If you find you have a spare .99 please purchase a copy of Let It Bang (featuring vocals by Jon Oliva and lead guitar by Matt LaPorte) here at my page. Or support one of the many other artists here at ReverbNation. In the meanwhile, I'd like to thank Rapunzel Rock Agency for "getting me out there." Let It Bang and a few other songs of mine have enjoyed consistent airplay in the English, Welsh, and Los Angeles markets for the last year. I'm continuing work on my new CD, which features nothing short of the best musicians in the Tampa Bay area--so stay tuned, folks! And I thank each of you sincerely and wholeheartedly for all of your support!