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Joel Glenn Wixson / Blog

Buskin II

So I was buskin in downtown Portsmouth when the rain started. At first I didn’t mind. It was a light rain, barely enough to soak the inside of my guitar case. Tourists passed by, resolute that their vacations would not be spoiled by a little weather. This was good, since they were in New England where weather is always a factor to be contended with. ( To read more go to joelglennwixson.blogspot.com)

Buskin I

I’m reposting this picture because there is so much about it that I didn’t say when I posted it the first time. This picture was taken by Danielle. She was Cayd’s and my first buskin contributor. She gave Cayden ten bucks and told him to keep singing. Last week she took the picture on her phone and emailed it to me. (For more go to joelglennwixson.blogspot.com)