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Over Alders / Blog

Brand new

Tiff has written a killer new tune !!!

Portraits of Women over the past 500 years


Really cool


Boys CAN cry!!

Let it out fellas. It's good for you. http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2012/10/12/why-is-it-so-hard-for-men-to-cry/

Good for you Michael Sam!!


Poor Tiff


Happy Mothers day


Not All

Sometimes it's hard to find the words to express your true feelings on extremely sensitive subjects. Other times, it's best to just let those who haven't been heard speak.


New Name, New Record same faces

We changed our name finally!!! Officially "Jason and Tiff" have grown up into "Over Alders". If you're interested ask us how we came up the the name.

We learned a lot since we recorded and released the FAUL EP. We were blessed with great reviews and our live shows were really well received.

During a conversation we were having, regarding what's next, Josh (Tiff's awesome husband) asked what would we do differently. The answer was simple: Work in a REAL studio with a REAL engineer/producer. Cost was always the issue but Josh seemed as excited about the idea as we were and he offered to be our "record label" and fund the project. We began working with Jackson Jackson in late November and we were so pleased with the first song we recorded we were inspired to write the rest of the album and name ourselves around the concept of the first song. listen to "Look Forward" !!

Changing our name was also an idea we kicked around for a long time. Instead of having two separate personalities we wanted a name that represented the personality of the project. The name Over Alders had been brought up before but it took us a while to decide on it because we were all so pissed off that the name "Modest Mouse" was taken already. Rachel (Jason's wife suggested Chic Antique"..it was a close second. The problem was that it made us sound like a new age 80's band. Over Alders seemed organic and sweet on the tongue. With Jackson's help in the studio we made our decision.

So far work in the studio has been fantastic!!! We're almost 3 songs deep and each process has seemed better than the previous!! Jackson Jackson is a pleasure to work with and we've had to up our game to make sure this album is something we're going to be PROUD of..We think you're going to Love it..

In the mean time I'll try to keep posting updates. Again, check out "Look forward" !! This project feels right

Tiff on what inspired "Seasons"

I asked Tiff about her inspiration for Seasons. This was her response. I respect this insight so much!!!

"I guess Seasons was inspired by the fact that I dislike/fear change. I always get depressed in the fall because I dread the winter. I realize this is silly because it's only the changing of the seasons that makes spring and summer so precious.  It's the idea that one can't appreciate the light without the dark, i.e. I probably wouldn't be so happy in the spring and summer if winter didn't happen.  Even so, it all eventually comes around again, kind of like how in life, even when something ends, what that really means is that something new is about to begin.  Therefore I shouldn't dwell on what I'm leaving behind me, but should instead look forward to the new and exciting things that will happen next.  The references to music in Seasons links this whole idea to the ending of HEMA and the beginning of Jason and Tiff :)"

We have wrapped up the recording process for The FAUL EP. Maybe it will be avaiable this FALL :)