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Music For Good is the world’s first ecommerce platform that allows musicians to sell songs directly to their fans and designate half the proceeds to a charity of their choosing. Since the program’s beta release just eight weeks ago, over 50,000 artists around the world have signed up for Music For Good — making it one of the fastest growing philanthropic initiatives in music history. Copy and Paste the link below into your browser to learn more about how both Natalie and Thirsty Children across the world benefit from World Vision USA http://blog.reverbnation.com/2013/03/06/video-more-than-50000-bands-join-music-for-good-downloads-for-charities-program/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ReverbnationBlogFeaturedPost+%28ReverbNation+Blog+%C2%BB+Featured+Post%29

The night She was Robbed

Natalie worked 2 jobs to finance her producing costs, a couple of days after she purchased a Triton Le 61 key's she was robbed at gun point on her way home from work one night at Glenmont Station. Details of how it happened: She worked in Northwest Washington DC at the time, her job said she could take off for the night because labor was high so she figured with nearly $300.00 in her pocket no kids, young and got her health she might as well go buy a bottle of liquor to take home that night. While she was waiting on the bus she noticed a grey long truck in old condition parked on the side of the curb a few feet away in front of the bus stop where she was standing she kind of had a bad feeling about the grey truck because as a child she had learned that her cousin was killed, feeling like she was being followed. As she exited the train at Glenmont Station she noticed the buses had stop running and began to think about what her next move was going to be on getting home as she thought for a little a grey truck fitting the same exact description pulls up across from her a short petite person with very small feet jumps out runs up to her with a Eskimo coat with the fur on the hood slightly pinned points a silver gun at her and yanks a bag of plastic cups out her hand she noticed they stared at her for a hot second then got back in the truck their was some bushes next to the truck the robber then went into the bushes for a couple of seconds, they ran back up to her and pointed the pistol at her again then the suspect began backing up but with their face looking Natalie's way Natalie then uttered "why me" ? she noticed people started showing up behind her some one touched her on her back so she turned around and there was several people who touched her on her back and why she wasn't sure maybe they felt sorry for her then she noticed the person that robbed her drove behind her then drove out on the street where they proceeded to rob a few other innocent bystanders in front of the station waiting on their rides. She noticed one lady's purse was taken off her shoulder. The robber then fled. The one thing Natalie never understood was why the robber didn't aim for money being that she had nearly $300.00 in her pocket and they only took a bag of plastic cups could the robber have had intentions other than robbery ? After the incident Natalie sat down on a bench opened her liquor and drank some in the open as a way to celebrate her overcoming the obstacle. The one thing she regrets was not reporting it to the police because she fared that she would lose her home if anyone else felt jeopardized, but she did learn from a train driver that their was other people out that night who got robbed too by the same robber and they reported it.

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