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Yeast Infection / Blog

Yeast History

. Some one i know (JB) said "you wont buy a guitar because you spend all your money on weed." So I bought an ugly green to black starburst imitation strat. It was cheap, i hated it and right away took it apart and sanded it down to refinish. Same dude (JB) said "you will never get it back together right"....But i did.......Now Tony S been hanging around also during this and JB rubbed him the wrong way also. So when i asked him to play "drums" he said sure. He never played drums and i never played guitar so we were going to start together...Boxes and Quaker oats containers and chunks of metal(symbols) with pencils as sticks is what tony learned on....I believe he was gifted unlike me. I learned some chords and we started making songs immediately. With every new chord or trick i learned we made a song.. Saturday afternoon was the jam and at night we tortured everyone we could with the new song we made recorded onto cassette. Harry B started coming by to sing and he could write some crazy shit. We started calling ourselves the stowaways. We found out my sisters boyfriend (Randy S) played guitar so we talked him into a Saturday. It turned out that he could play any Zep lead... He was playing Zep with other guys but said he was bored with it. After jamming with us ( we remade two songs) He was exited and said he would be back next week. Tony S - Harry B and I were all Excited cause we were freakin jammin now!! Well before the next jam could happen we found out Randy S was found shot dead in the woods close to his crib. It devastated us! The cops called it suicide. I found out later from my sister that he was a heroin addict and owed money. So if it was murder they never pursued it.The two songs recorded onto cassette with him playing has been lost....Harry B. slowly stopped coming around and Tony P (guitar and vocal) and Paul H (bass) started to come to jam.We called ourselves Common Ground. Paul H was a very good bass player and soon moved on to play with other local bands. It was not long after Paul left the band that Tony P also went on to other things. It was back to Tony S and I. About this time a girl entered my life and i started spending less time at home (my parents) and more time out til finally my mother kicked me out and that killed the band for two years. I married a different girl and moved back to my home town where Tony S and I hooked back up and started the band again. We had an open door policy that meant anyone could come to jam... Harold W became a fixture in the band doing everything from bass to singing filling in where some one did not show up.. He also recently died. Mostly people with no experience came by and we talked them into making up lyrics and singing spur of the moment. Steve B was having problems at home so he started to come over to blow steam off. His first song was I'd like to kill my wife. He had such energy that we had a huge run of songs with him at vocals. Then Doug S came and got a bass and we were some what complete. Right at the tail end of Steve B when his energy was running out Steve V came around (guitar) and this was our best line up. Steve B went on to other things. Tony S, Doug S, Steve V, and I were the yeast infection that played gigs and parties.. Doug S started getting to busy in his personal life and started to not come by so much. Then Steve V got killed on the highway ( read ghost story) and that left the band being Tony S and I again. Things just was not the same and our energy was waning. Tony S Fell on ice and hurt his shoulder not long after and he quit coming around.....I found reverb nation and decided to share our tunes. They have been well received. Spent Fixer listened and liked and we collaborated. We made Thought Pollution and T-Sex. That leaves me where I am today.

spider war

When I was in high school my brother moved out which gave me a room to myself. Our room was not very big so all of our toys and games stayed in the basement. So until he moved out I was really never in my room unless I was sleeping. But now I had a new feeling of ownership and I did not have to share my room (or so I thought). As I started spending more time in my room I noticed a lot of spiders- my room was a converted attic. Well I started to kill them as most people would. It was not but a week or two that I started waking up with bites all over my legs. The more spiders I would kill made more bites on my legs the next day. I went nuts trying to kill all the siders but my attempts were futile. By this time the spiders would not come out for me to even see them- they knew. And they still bit me! One day as I sat on my bed looking at my bit up legs I realized I had enough. That afternoon I declared peace and said to the spiders that another one will not die by my hands. And I truly could not see what was to happen next.......That same night after hanging out with some friends I came home. It was late but I was not tired. I went to my room and put on a genesis tape to relax for a couple. Then it happened - my test. I looked and saw a spider on my wall. One of the standard pale yellow house spiders about a half inch round. I stood up to walk over to kill it - then remembered my declaration of peace. I sat back down on the bed and tried to forget about it. but I felt it crawling all over me so I looked. and it was still on the wall. How was I going to let it live? I walked over to it and starred at it wanting to kill it. I had no idea what to do now. And still looking for a reason to kill it I thought I would try to talk to it. For if it did not listen to me that would be my excuse to kill. What happened next is truly amazing. The spider was about eye level sitting still and if it started walking would go upward. I placed my finger at about my heart level at a half inch from wall. I visualized the spider getting smashed if he did not come to my finger. Well, slowly he turned around. he walked the 12 inches down the wall to my finger. As he got closer to my finger he walked slower. Then- at my finger- he reached up his front leg and touched my finger then went four or five quick steps away and sat still. Wow I connected with another species. I could not kill it now. The same wall it was on had drawers that were built in the wall. I opened the top drawer and told the spider that he needed to get out of my sight. And yes he walked down into my open drawer and I closed it and was able to forget about him. Never had bites on my legs again. And never have I killed a spider since........We live in peace

Together Alone
Together Alone  (8 months ago)

Yeah! :) The spiders are our friends! And they do a lot of good; eating flies and other creatures you don't want around.

marchristiansen  (5 months ago)

some creatures will give us rides. some will save our lives. some will even die for us.

Love of songs

This was written by Terry Thomas of Spent Fixer about having a studio....I thought everyone should be able to read this. And leave a comment cause I know you have something to say about this...

Oh about having a little studio, yeah, you basically call a song "finished" when you can't bear to listen to it any longer! Of course, once you put it "out there," you start listening to it and loving it again! Yeah, these songs are our children, but near the finish, they are those horrible ugly and unruly teens that just won't turn out the way you want them too. But when you kick them out and they make their way into the world, you miss them and welcome them back into your life with an amazing amount of love . . . that you never knew you had the capacity to harbor. blah blah blah

marchristiansen  (8 months ago)

That's funny I write songs the same way.You RoCK

Ghost- part three

When we were done jamming that Saturday night, Steve's dad picked him up and he went to his parents house. He did this a weekend or two a month to do work for them at their house(currently he was digging a drain pipe around the back of the house because the basement leaks.) Monday morning while driving to work (6:45 am) my phone rings.Steve in an elevated excited voice says "That fucker found me last night at my parents house!" He tells me of a vivid dream that was so real he questioned if it was a dream.He talked of yelling and threats saying that he (ghost) said "I'm going to get back into that house!" and "I don't know who the fuck Ron thinks he his but I'll get him too!" And with this I started shaking a bit. I was scared! Then Steve says"and then he showed me his demon face!!"....."you got to let him back in the house-- I can't live wondering where he will find me! If he is at the house at least he will stay there!" I reluctantly agreed. I arrived at work (I was helping another crew build a deck in a wildlife sanctuary over looking a pond.) People were doing small talk before getting started. I took a few steps away from everyone. Still settling down I let the sun hit me, and feel it's warmth. It was going to be a hot day.I closed my eyes and saw myself at Steve's house. I visualized the cage of light that i created and made it shatter like glass. Instantly I felt a chill go through my body more intense than any I have ever felt. And knew he was back. He went right through me to get back there. I called Steve and let him know.He asked for a ride home from his parents after my work day so I agreed. The ride to his place was quiet. We were both a little nervous.We got to his place and neither was in a hurry to get in. He had some gear to unload and I took his key and went in by myself. I stood in the middle of his apartment and talked. I said how I thought maybe he wanted out of there, go on to better things-- Hell-maybe be reborn and live a life again- Enjoy a cigarette. Well whatever. I walked back out and Steve was just walking in. He came out immediately and asked if i lit a match in there. I said no and went in and yes there was a sulfur smell. Like he was telling me that he can smoke.As I went to leave I walked by a tv and a plate jumped off of it as I passed. Steve left the next month but seemed to have developed a truce with the ghost during the last part of his stay.I avoided his place all together. He claimed that the ghost was afraid of me because I could influence his world more than he could influence ours.And that's why he left Steve alone. Even today when I drive by that house I wonder if anyone notices the book being moved. Or the salt and pepper shakers. Or any small insignificant objects. And I wonder if anyone will say to themselves that there is a ghost here--------and open the door.

marchristiansen  (12 months ago)

that was heavy!

Together Alone
Together Alone  (12 months ago)

Yeah, a great ghoststory! Now we are awaiting the next one! :)

The Fores
The Fores  (10 months ago)

Real Cool!! Great story!

Ghost -part two

"That damn carpet is crooked again, you need to come look at this!!"....I went to inspect. An eight penny nail has the head the size of a tic and is about two inches long. One nail was just as he nailed it. The other three had only a quarter inch in the floor and were completely laid to the floor until the head that was straight up still going through the carpet. They were shaped like a z. This was old carpet where the heads of these nails could have easily just pulled through.We yanked the nails and Steve set the carpet back at the sink crooked as he nervously chuckled. This made me feel a bit uneasy also. I could not stop thinking about this for the next couple days.I am not a genius but I've watched a ton of Nova's and other science shows.Everything (atoms) here bounces in and out of reality. Our three dimensions is a projection from a fourth dimension. Very simply put "nothing here is real- it's a trick of our senses" SO WHAT IS REALLY REAL HERE-----OUR THOUGHTS. They do everything. They create reality. And then I had an answer. I called Steve and asked if he wanted his carpet to stay straight. Then of course I went over.This time I took four short roofing nails about an inch long. I explained that my thoughts will hold the carpet down. As I tapped in the nails I visualized my spirit in the nail holding it in place. I believed this would work. And it did. This carpet incident was over.Things were quiet for a week. Then Steve started telling me that the "bastard" was starting to get into his dreams.Wake him up in the middle of the night. Then he would see a shadow moving around his room. It would make him so uneasy that he was starting to lose sleep.This is coming from someone that never believed in ghosts.As another week went by he avoided going to his place as much as possible. I really did not like hanging out there either. Early one morning before work I decided to meditate to help Steve. I visualized me at his house. Then in the center of his house I created a ball of light.I made it expand into bars to push the spirit out.I saw myself outside the house now and the beams of light were coming out and the were pushing him out.As I pushed him farther from the house I watched him frantically trying to get back through. Then something unexpected happened.It looked at me and showed it's demon face!! I came out of my meditation quickly and was frazzled but went on with my day. After work I told Steve what I did (excluding seeing the demon face) and he had the most restful week at his place.The bastard was gone,for now............. to be continued

marchristiansen  (12 months ago)

that was heavy

The Fores
The Fores  (12 months ago)

COOL! continue;)

A true ghost story

If Steve V was a dog he would be a pit bull. Never have I seen him afraid or back down from a fight.He was - a bad ass.I say was because today is the anniversary of his death. (09).At two thirty in the morning-according to police- there was a minor accident ahead of him on the highway. He stopped to make sure people were alright then started getting debris out of the road. He was struck and died before arriving at hospital.It was a Hit and run that was never caught.( I think he would have wanted it that way).This story is in his memory. To save time writing and to understand Steve better (if you want) listen to the lyrics he made up spur of the moment on "I need redemption". If you want to understand him more try"Frostbitten by deceit" "steppin outside myself" "Hide away" "Mindless ramble" "afraid of the future"....... Steve was happy to move into his apartment that was walking distance to everything in town including my house- where we jam every Saturday night. The house sits on the main drag and has two apartments(top floor was being renovated). His door was off the side at an alley.You enter to a small tv room with dark paneling.A large room directly to left that he used as storage.Going forward led to the kitchen with bath to right and a bedroom to left.He did not really use the tv room. Mostly hung out in bedroom with the stereo. It was a big room with a big couch and some chairs. Over all the place was a little run down. The carpet in the kitchen was fraying around a poorly done seem and was flattened and nasty.We worked together at times (cleaning windows) and in an old parking lot Steve spots a discarded carpet and talked me into checking it out(I was driving my van). It was in better shape than his kitchen carpet so we took it and cut it into his kitchen. I could not believe it but it was way better.There was some carpet left over so Steve cut a rectangle to sit at the sink where he stands all the time. I was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and bedroom watching Steve oh so carefully place and center the carpet at the sink-then the music ended. Steve stood up , walked by me to the stereo to change tape.My body turned as he went by cause we were talking some shit as always. When the music starts and I look back into the kitchen the carpet in front of the sink was crooked. I laughed cause I saw how hard Steve messed with that piece making it straight. I said "you have a ghost here" He said no and tried to show me that when he stood up and walked he twisted it with his foot.All he proved was that it was not him. At this point and for the next few days it was amusing to hear him complain that his carpet wasn't straight. He grown tired of straightening the carpet so with some eight penny nails he put one in each corner........ He called me the next day freaking out...(to be continued) please leave comment

marchristiansen  (about 1 year ago)

cool ghost story let me know when pt. 2 comes out

The Fores
The Fores  (about 1 year ago)

Cool story looking forward to part 2.

Together Alone
Together Alone  (about 1 year ago)

Curiously awaiting part 2! :)


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