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Agenda 21 / Blog

Fuckin A!!!!!

Busy few weeks coming up for the band we have multiple gigs coming up all over central and So Cal so get out and support the scene!

Thanks 818!!!!!

Good show last night and thanks to all the locals from the valley for coming out and getting crazy last night. Pits and fighting is like punk rock applause and we thank you!


To all promoters and internet radio stations .We will not take sides or get involved in trivial bullshit if that's your game hit the bricks with that shit! We hold each person accountable for there actions with us and not what you say they did to you!

FUCK YA!!!!!!!

Big shows with legendary punk bands coming up ya losers!!! Stay tuned for more info coming soon. The Rev Jimmy O.G

Get some!!!!!!

A lot of super cool shows coming up in the next few weeks with a lot of bitchin bands! If you havnt seen Agenda 21 you aint seen shit!

Meow Meowz August 31

Hell ya fools and freaks this Saturday at Meow Meowz its going down with Agenda 21 and Foggy Nation, The atom smashers and of course Underground Alliance ! Come out and support the local scene!

C.Y venue March the 8th!!!!!!!!!!

Come out and support the L.A scene with Agenda 21 punk and the Corrupted Youth by attending a free pay back show to give back to those who support the scene...YOU!

Happy PUNK ROCK New year!

This year will be A busy one for the band and the army. We got alot of big shows already booked and many more in the works. Look out for a new venue coming up real soon in a town near you. Thanks to all our fans who are our friends with out ya this is pointless. Wake up your friends and call the nieghbors and tell them LIBERTY and FREEDOM are the new Agenda 21.

Punk Rock Pic Nic 2013

Hell Ya!!! Agenda 21 will be playin the punk rock pic nic 2013 if the fuckin world dont end! We played with the stains at the battle of the bands this past friday along side of damage and a few other bands, Thanks steve from the Punk Rock pic Nic for givin us the chance to play with So Cals finest...We will keep ya all posted as we get closer.

Giggin Fools!!!!!

Wow! September was fuckin crazy we played 5 gigs in 3 weeks 2 in a row! Thanks to the band and the AGENDA21 army for supporting the scene as well as all the other bands who we have played with ....We are going to be in rehersal until the 26th for the battle of the bands...Cant wait!!