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Midnight Magik / Blog


Posted three new tracks today. "Anywhere but here" "Whiskey Night Blues" and "So Long, Goodbye". "Anywhere but Here" and "So Long, Goodbye" is about just packin your shit and leavin town. I think a lot of us can relate..for what ever reason different people might have. My inspiration for Whiskey Night Blues was totally from Muddy Waters. Actually I listened to alot of Rolling Stones and Muddy Watrers when I wrote the lyrics 10 years ago. Hope you enjoy. jwc.


Alright, I've finally posted some new tracks. Demos of course. This version of "Bewildered In A World of Fools" Is pretty much for the internet. The album version is totally different and way better in my opinion. I'll post the lyrics for the song later. "The High Priestess" is a pretty nice instrumental. The title just popped in my head one day and then I just picked up the guitar and hit the record button. The High Priestess however will not be on the Moonchild LP, but it will be on the one after for 2014. I actually have a lot of songs I can post on here that will never make any albums..maybe singles. Hope you enjoy the new tracks and would love to hear some feed back. jwc.


Thank you everyone for the warm comments! Just some update news on everything. Ive decided to change the title of my solo music project EARTH TRAVELER to my real name JWC. The album MOONCHILD is coming along but not fast enough. I wanted 2013 to be the year it would be released but its not going to turn out that way. Kinda slow writing lyrics for tracks, but work in progress I guess. I will post new music soon. JWC and BB!


Alright so I posted a new song just for the New Year. After everything that has been I felt it would be appropriate. Just trying to focus by sending out some good energy from the Universe. People need it and I know I need it :o) There are two different versions to this song. This one is only for the internet.

Blessed be.


I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything on here but I'm just very busy at the moment. Trying to finish the "Moonchild" album before the new year. I'm excited but at the same time my mood changes very quickly. SO much is happening in the world and truthful my attitude with humanity is becoming very..negative. So the words that I want to express on how I feel is unmature of me to post. So I'm being very careful on how I present myself.