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Puckett's Downtown Nashville

Can't wait till tomorrow night - It'll be cold outside - but warm inside Puckett's!!! We are singing lots of originals and a few cover tunes.

Fontanel Show

Thank you so much for your support. We are moving forward!! We are very honored to be selected to play next week at the competition sponsored by World Class Talent. Come out and enjoy the music!!!


We're heading out today to sing at a show in Winchester!! Getting all the tons of gear loaded up!! Life of a musician huh? haha

Summer's almost here, gigs here we come!:)

Hey 1AM fans!! Summer is almost here! We just uploaded one of our newly recorded songs. Go check it out! Also, if you haven't already, like us on Facebook, and follow us on twitter!! @1AMOfficial Tell us what you're planning to do over the summer! Are you planning to come to any 1AM shows? We hope so!! We'll keep you all updated!