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The Julian Austin Project "Demo Sessions" / Blog

Return of "To Hell With All Of You"

The witch hunts and witch trials that went on between the years of 1480 and 1750 In Modern Europe as it was called then, it has been said that an estimated 40,000 to 60,000 individuals were accused and convicted of being witches and in partnership with the devil were put to death. For many, their deaths were horrible. Many were burnt alive at the stake for the public to witness.

The Salem witch trials in the U.S as well were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693.

Though the numbers of individuals who perished by being put to death were much smaller, all in all 28 were put to their deaths for being accused of practicing witchcraft and taking up with the devil.

This is a story of one very pissed off witch who wants revenge and will see it through, even from beyond the grave.

I had a number of people ask me why I had removed this song from my "Demo Sessions" project. I had originally thought that maybe it was just a little heavier compared to the other songs and didn't really quite fit, but when I think about it, it is really a personal musical project and only I for the time being am playing all the instruments and singing on all the songs that I have written, so why not!!. "To Hell With All Of You" is what I like to call my 80's tribute to one of my all time favorites of that era, the late and dearly missed greatest rock vocalist of all time, Mr Ronnie James Dio as I have always loved his mystical, seductive dark element he always portrayed in his music. Love Live Rock N' Roll & 80's metal!!!

"Wish You Were Still Here"

Hey guys!! I just posted a new demo mix of a song called "Wish You Were Still Here" for ya's to check out. It is a song that I wrote for my dad who past away when I was 19. There's still not a day that goes by that I don't think of him, and wonder if he knows that I took a different road in life instead of the road I was on to nowhere when he passed away on the early morning of November 15th 1982.

Christmas Was Born

Hey guys!! Just wanted to let you all know that prior to and during the Christmas Holidays I will be using my Reverbnation page here to give who ever would like the chance to download for free a Christmas song that I wrote with fellow musician and friend Ken Sitter from Jo-Hikk. The song is called "Christmas Was Born" Hope everyone is well, Merry Christmas and God Bless.

U ALL ROCK!!!!!!!

Since November the 18th, 2013 when I last posted the stats on this site we have grown thanx to all of you from.

10,456 Plays on songs to 10,902 Plays, 12,280 fans to 12,466 fans and 4,524 Views to now 4725 views.

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! U GUYS ROCK!!!! Thanx for the awesome support of the music guys. Hope everyone is well. God Bless & Rock On!!!!

New Song

Hey guys here's the new song as promised. It is called 'Asante Sana Baba Yetu' and in Swahili it means 'thank you father' also 'thank you Lord or thank you dear Lord'. I love the way Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon would integrate some of the sounds of the African culture and music into their own sound and here I wanted to sing a little bit of Swahili in the chorus. For a demo this is truly one of my favs that I have ever written and recorded. I hope you guys dig it as much as I dug recording it. Thanx again for checkin' out the music, U GUYS ROCK!!!! God Bless & Rock On!!!! Julian


Going to have a brand new song ready for you guys to check out in a couple of more days, it's a biggie of a tune!!! Lots of big everything goin' on lol lol!! Hope everyone is well.Thanx for stopping by and checkin' out the music, much appreciate it, hope you're diggin' it!! God Bless & Rock On!!!

New Demo Track 'As Long As I Live'

Hey guys, here's another new remixed song from my 'Demo Sessions that I hope you like. This will also be part of the upcoming live shows and hopefully live DVD/Live CD compilation we are working on. There is much, much more songs to follow. Thanx guys for checkin' out the tunes and for the support. Much appreciate it. Rock On & God Bless!!

The Boys From Dieppe

I wanted to add this song for those of you who would might to listen to it or download to have as of today marks the 71 year old anniversary of the invasion of Dieppe France. On August 19th 1942 thousands of Canadian, British, American and French stormed the beaches of Dieppe. This song I had written in honour of my friend Jack Howard Graham along with his fellow comrades who stormed those hellish beaches that early morning back 71 years ago today. Jack was later captured along with almost 2000 other Canadian soldiers and remained a prisoner of war for 34 long dreadful months until his release in 1945. God Bless our Heroes past and present. Jack we will never forget my friend.

New Remix of "Don't Stop Believing In Love"

Hey guys!! I just did a new remix of "Don't Stop Believing In Love" for ya's to check out and download for free and pass around if ya's want to. Hope everyone is well, God Bless and Rock On!!!

New Tribute Song

Hey everyone!! I meant to add that this song "The Fighting Canucks" is not part of "The Julian Austin Project" sound as I wrote this song as a tribute to our serving men and women of our Canadian Armed Forces who have served and are serving in Afghanistan since 2001 to present day and as well as our forces men and women in general. Never the less this is a song about ones selfless devotion who wears the uniform in the name of world peace and freedom for all as we the countries of the blessed free world like to share each others songs of patriotism and pride for ones country. This will only be up here for a limited time for whomever would like to download it and share and again this is only a demo not a finished final mix of the song. Thanx and God Bless