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Lathe Jordon / Blog

New Project

Thanks so much to my RN fans. I deleted my Twitter account permanently because I do not want fake fans. New material coming up, new project . . same love.


Thanks to all the RN, fans and artists for your support! Taking a break from RN at this time to concentrate on business. Will return soon. God Bless!

North Augusta

I compete in North Augusta because it covers a much larger venue of musicians. If I went smaller I would stay #1 forever, and never be heard.

New national rating

Now #764 in the Nation. Pretty amazing. Thanks everyone-- I am looking to start a new project with a few local people to promote the new upcoming material. An adequate drummer is a must. Programming the machines is just too time consuming.

"Day Break" Teaser

Wow!!! Thanks to all friends and fans for stopping by my Reverbnation station and with support! I had no idea that the teaser I recently recorded was going to sky rocket the way it has. I should have waited and set it up through my charity, but it was just an idea I had and had to run with it. Again, many thanks to you!!!

Reverbnation Ranking

First I would like to say Thank ya'll for sticking around and producing some amazing music and content. I find fans who connect often really do support what we are writing about. Some people just want follows, but personally I like to see just where people's intelligence dwell. Good, evil, whatever . . .what is the thought process behind their creation?


One thing I will always remember. . .I did not get to #1 by myself. I thank you alll for that.


I thank all my UK fans! Keep on Rockin in the Free World!!!

Wrong genres

#1, . . know your damn genre. For example :Don't come to me rapping and swear you are a country artist. Everyone has their own place and you should respect that. We can respect that, . .so why do not you?

Reverbnation scope

Holy crap! I was amazed to find out at first thta the charts not only included where I set up the account (Thomson, Ga), but it also included all of the surrounding Augusta cities. Now, I see that it encompasses Aiken counties in SC as well!!! How far does the chart rate locally???