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Istarii / Blog

Staying in touch

Heyo, this is Istarii.... staying in touch.

Riddle Me This

What's everything to someone, and nothing to everyone else?

Droppin a blog in the pool

There's more than one way to skim milk fat.


Whats cold on the inside, hot on the outside and walks on two legs?

Medical Opinion

9 out of 10 doctors agree, istarii? we've never heard of them.

Famous Barriers

the communication barrier is located five miles off the coast of california. Ten times larger than the great barrier reef, it's estimated length measures at least the size of a million three toed sloths stacked together. Any true form of communication whatsoever may not pass through the communication barrier, and all forms of language must be watered down to a certain threshold to even trickle through the communication barrier.


Give me learning sir and you may keep your black bread. - Leo Tolstoy


mysterious mysteries are cool

Movie Music

Cintematic music is awesome


Shall I Compare Thee To A Summers Day?