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INDIE100 Radio Play

INDIE 100- prompter Called!. Chrisyd Featured there April 2nd!

Some recent rpk action!

Papercut Magazine Digital sampler [opportunity] played your song, (remix)WOUNDED LOVE Original(c)2012C... Saturday at 10:36 pm

Papercut Magazine Digital sampler [opportunity] played your song, (remix) INVISIBLE -Original(c)2012CHR... Saturday at 10:35 pm


William Gawley..

CHRISY D  (over 1 year ago)

Remixes were Produced By: William Gawley, of FaceSpace Music!


Hoping to play at Indie100 - Jukebox Radio ! Post on their wall to request CHRISY D. http://rvrb.fm/QFHado For direct link go to my fb..Just click on my pic below this blog for Chrisyd fb..Hey,would ya click the like button while you are there?? I appreciate that.So far have held off on "buying" likes :) Great week to all

HELP ME @ http://www.beat100.com/video-gallery/51352/

Beat100 Climbing the charts after 2 weeks,climbed 400+/- spots.So if ya wanna vote,I'm hoping this link works,haha...Hey,I can win $$ for top 3... @ http://www.beat100.com/video-gallery/51352/ Always,THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT:) Gonna try this link and if it's too difficult,will be deleting to try another,hahaha ps: Can only vote for the "remix" Invisible,I think.Hey new to this site,so gotta figure out their scheme :) @ http://www.beat100.com/video-gallery/51352/

Share Your Music Videos With The World | BEAT100 Music Network


BEAT100 is a new Social Network and music platform which gives bands the chance to win thousands in cash prizes just for uploading their

New Songs In Progress

If you want to have a "TASTE" of new songs I'm working on..click on my picture below..to my fb.(copyright.. Hey while you're here can you click the LIKE tab please:) Thanks for listening

Radio Cafe Accepts Chrisyd!!

★ Great News! for ChrisyD You've been accepted to The Radio Café Indie Music Countdown 2012! about 1 hour ago...SWEEEEEEET!

My Mom's Nashville Demo......

This is my Mom"s song /demo done in Nashville. It's called "Back Home Again".Hope you like it! Cheers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1eO1oKLyeM

ZAFRIUS  (over 1 year ago)

Wow! What a great song .I`m a fan.She needs to get a RN page up.

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Happy Thanksgiving to All. Hope each of you had a special chance to recognize something remarkable! For a chance to hear some Classic songs I have covered ..check out the cover songs recently licensed for me to share. Props to the original ARTISTS and Songwriters.