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Big Dadd Macking / Blog

Why I'm Here

I'm here to give you all some good music. I'm a entertainer here to entertain with the real and not so real music. Some of the things I bring to you are false but I also bring you some truth as well. Now this blog is about the truth. I'm a big Rapper at 300 pounds. Been making music for about ten years on and off. My first studio was Ejay 4 on a Dell Computer. One day I looked inside of it and found out I had the oldest parts. I didn;t like it at all then I started to think about building my own computer because I know what is going to be inside of it so I build her. It took me months to do it because I had to save to buy different parts. Now at that time, I didn't have a computer and was not making music for about a year. I was trying to get some friends into the thing but they were lazy and was not into it. Soon I got another software and made a album with it called I am MR Ambitious. Gain fans but the music was wack but the rhymes were cool. Used some instrumentals from the software and gain fans on Jangoradio.com. They were not a lot but 200 fans is not bad though. I beleive that I could have had more if the music was tight so I soon got another software to make my own beats and a keyboard. I still is trying to work out the problems wich I will not explain. Now I was name MC Ambitious, then later changed it to MR Ambitious. Thought is was old school so I changed it to Rhymealot, then soon I changed it to Big Daddy Mack wich I thought about using it years ago when I was young in my teens or early 20s. Now I changed it to Daddy's Macking. It means Daddy is Macking. When I rhyme, I move my head and hands in the form of martial arts. I also move my head about. I can do that walking in a straight line. Move about when making music. A lot of people try to do the same thing as I. I like that. I'm different than a lot of rappers. Some of my songs may have lies like smoke the weed. This is for my fans who like to smoke that mess. Big in size and About to stay alive have me acting like I smoke weed. Yet at one time I use to smoke it though. Yet quit but I was not really into it that much. I am not into drinking but I do love to drink a lot of soda and Koolade though, now imagin if I drank alchohol. I would be a wino yo. I use variou types of music so check me out and thanks for reading my blog.