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RUSTY EGAN (Visage) plays our music into his DJ sets!

Former Visage drummer, Rusty Egan, included our song 'Dominarte' into his DJ set for his show 'Rusty Egan presents The Electricity Club'. This is the second time he includes one of our tracks into his DJ sets! This is the link where you can listen to the entire set: http://www.electricity-club.co.uk/rusty-egan-presents-the-electricity-club-show11-now-available-to-listen-to-online/

'Voy a Buscarte' FREE download!!

You can now FREE download our latest EP by following this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?w1iyg1rk4fktbq1


Released by Black Leather Records, MOVING UNDER -Cosaquitos en Globo's 2nd album- is now available at JUNO RECORDS for digital sale!!! http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/1580625-02.htm Starting from May 25th, it will also be available at: www.mixmag.net www.djdownload.com www.audiojelly.com

Cosaquitos en Globo's second album, Moving Under, now available!

MOVING UNDER, second album of Cosaquitos en Globo, is now available on AUDIOCLIC for digital download. AUDIOCLIC: www.audioclic.com.ar