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Bonni Dance / Blog

The Band is Coming Along...

So, I have all of my players in place and I have a venue that wants me to perform and I'm told by my guitarist that he's leaving! So, I put a couple of ads out that night and the next day, I have a new guitar player. God is GOOD!! We're back on track without missing a beat cuz this new guy is goooood! James, you'll be missed!

Prayers Have Been Answered!

Well, it looks like I have secured all the musicians I need. All glory to God for making this happen. We had a great rehearsal this past Sunday. We have four shows coming up between July 31st and August 10th. I'm constantly looking for more venues to perform. I'm so ready to get out there and do this!

Still Plugging Away

Well, I'm still looking for a drummer. I think I have a bass player at the moment. He came to the last rehearsal and sat in with us. Final audition will be tomorrow at the next rehearsal. He's had a couple of weeks to work on the music. Let's hope this works out. I might also have another singer. I met a great male singer last Tuesday who is very interested in joining the cause. I guess we'll see on that one too. :-) If any of you out there know of a good drummer, send them my way!

House of Blues Show

The show at the House of Blues on April 14th went well. It was a bit surprising when we got there and found out that the show was NOT on the big stage, but rather on the small stage at the front. Still, we performed well - as crowded as it was. Now, I'm looking for a permanent drummer and singer. I just found a bass player. We're trying him out to see if he'll be a good fit. I certainly hope so. Stay tuned....

Moving Right Along!

I have almost all the players in place now. A drummer, bass player, keyboard player and four singers (including the drummer). I even have a sound man now! Whoo-hoo! I'm still craving a dedicated lead guitar player though. So, the search is on! We have a show coming up on April 14th, 2013 and I want to put together a kick-ass show with ALL the components in place!

Almost Complete!

Well, God has blessed me once again!! I have the keyboard player I've been wanting in my band! This Sunday's rehearsal is going to be so great!

Looking for Keyboard Player!

I'm also looking for a kick-ass keyboard player to play my original music in live performances. Rehearsals are already in progress with the drummer, bass player and two singers. For further details, please e-mail bdmusik2004@yahoo.com if interested.

Looking for Background Singers!

Hey guys! I'm looking for background singers to join me on stage. Male or female. Must be able to also sing lead. Auditions held Sunday, February 17th, 2013. For more details and an audition slot, e-mail bdmusik2004@yahoo.com ASAP. Thanks!

It's On and Poppin!

Today was our first band rehearsal. Man, you guys are in for a real treat! It was sounding good even without a keyboard player! I just need to find that person now and we'll be complete. I REALLY can't wait to get on stage now! I'm more excited than ever to bring the music to you live!

It's Time To Go Live!!

Sunday, February 10th is my first band rehearsal! It's finally happening! I get to hear my creations come to life at the hands of some very talented musicians. God is GOOD!! I can't wait to share the stage with these guys and share my music live with the world!!

By the way, check out my new promo at http://animoto.com/play/Ci4deT3rxMeUWDg1uvGwMQ

I just found this site where you can make either 30 second videos for free, or longer videos for a fee. I'm using the free ones as promos for now and may upgrade later. Take care everybody and wish me luck with my new band. I hope to see you from the stage real soon! God bless!