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I Am The Band

Someone ask me who was in my band, and I took that as one of the best compliments I've ever received! I am 98% of my vocals, whether it be rapping or singing my hooks. GOD is awesome and I have a lot of growing to do, but I'm trying

Are you a pressure player?

Do you want the ball in the clutch, or would you rather pass it?

Your Grind

How can a person, be mad at another person for their accomplishments or work ethic? Animosity, turns to hate, and it's really pointless, when people have the same opportunity as the next person. Hard work is what makes things a reality


If an opportunity presented itself and it wasn't what you were waiting for, would you still take it? Sometimes opportunity only knocks once


If you could create your perfect woman, what would she look like?

Lakers vs. Heat

Will Dwight Howard help Kobe and the Lakers return to the finals? Or will the young OKC Thunder be a road block. DAMMIT A LAKER FAN! LOL

Help or call 911?

If you seen someone getting attacked, would you help or call 911?


If you could smell success, what would it smell like?

Friend Or Foe?

If you text someone who's supposed to be your good friend some good news and he or she doesn't text or call back in a 24 hour span. Do you think there could be underlying jealousy issue?