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Dana Klipp / Blog

Here I go!

So my name is Dana.Some people called me Mr. Hollywood.My son calls me a disgruntled old man.He is 13 and I am 60.Dispite the obvious generation gap involved,he likes the music from the 60's more than anything that is out there now(except Black Keys)Thats cool.I think that stuff is great also.When I was growing up,my father listened to alot of music that us youngsters thought was square .But thanks to my Dad(who has just recently passed away) we were exposed to the likes of Elizabeth Cotten/ Mississippi John Hurt/ The New Lost City Ramblers/Dave Van Ronk/Paul Butterfield Blues Band/Other Chicago Blues/ Joan Baez/Odetta/bluegrass music/brazilian jazz/classical music broadway musicals yata yata yata.We had to sneak Beatle albums into the house because he was sure that listening to such stuff would some how cause his stereo to spontaneously combust.It didn't.Somehow along the way.over the years,it became apparent that my Dad wasn't the square old fart that any self respecting adolescent was supposed to view their parent as.In the years that followed,when I began to step out and play,He was as much of a fan of my craft as anybody who would see me play.Now I am that old fart and my son,even tho he hates to admit it,has more in common with the music that I knew when I was his age than I could have claimed for my Father.I hope that I have passed the concept of musical open mindedness along to my son in the same fashion that my Dad passed it along to me.After all,good music is always good music.It some times takes a little while to catch up with you,and may require a little effort to appreciate.This would be a celebration of the wonderful gift that was bestowed upon me by my dad and the joy I feel in having a son,whose musical talents are growing at a pace I would never have imagined .We jam purty damn good,too.