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The Punknecks / Blog

well Rockin is our Bussiness..

and Bussiness is Good..just got thru with rockin with some kick ass bands the past couple of months,thnax goes out to Viva Le Vox ,Guitar Bomb,Squidling Bros,sideshow,High LONEsome,Hellbound Glory..thanx to all our new East Coast Friends Yall Rock!!! we have been super busy we plan on releasing 3 new cds next yr supportin each cd for 3months so every time ya see us we are gonna have a new cd,and a whole new show next yr.. lights and shit..we are plannin on a couple of videos to be released by christmas this yr..there is a shit ton of new youtube.com footage just search Punknecks. also cdbaby.com/punknecks2 if ya wanna cd online.. we are workin on an online merch store as we speak..if you are someone on the west coast we are lookin to fill our dates for nov. also oregon in nov. message us ..we are heading upto buffalo,newyork, then onto erie,pa,and youngstown,ohio,then over to chicago,and all pints look for us..

thanx everyone

thanx to all you that have helpd us et thru some crazy shit...over the yrs,you have not sen us top cause yall believ in what we are doin..thanx... google pnknecks news and videos and pics to keep up with the hype..

Down and Out in Punkneck Hills

PUNNECKS NEED YOU PLEASE!!!!!the list of punkneck Van work i need 2 do in less than 3days.. Oil Change anti-freeze head gasket seals steering mech seal spark pluggs idle tuning serpentine belt so this is it, if ya aint got the new CD"Drinkin Druggin Jesus" or the New T-shirt Design ,Black with bone color ink w/Cowskull and stars with PUNKNECKS big on top of the horns,and a signed tour poster,we got a deal 30 bux paypal we will send ya a package... help me fix this shit,i need at least to raise 100 bux, so i need 3 people,????whos in??? my paypal email is ... punknecks@rock.com

on our way to Florida

we are on our way to Florida after a grueling winter this yr.with snow up to our ass' everyday for 3months wow..we got a New cd drinkin druggin Jesus,its kick ass.come out to our shows and support underground punky tonkin bluegrass country music,we would love to have a chance to Party and entertain each and everyone of yall out there... come out and see somethin different for once...you might like it...On tour Now....

cd release Party weds january 6th

we are havin a cd release aprty in Wichita,ksweds.jan 6th,come out or tell sum friends.. we can use the support...we are also rollin out to Texas and gonna rock them the 1st month of the yr....then louisiana,illinois,kentucky,tenn. and alabama...help spread the word about us Punknecks...keep it real...


as we wrap up the support on the last cd.. we have gone and started the recording of our New Cd"Drinkin Druggin and Jesus"....an Outlaw Gospel.......comin out January 2010...we are kickin the New Tour off in Texas in January..we plan on tourin the whole country so dont miss these 2010 shows...been gettin a little much needed down time..message us on myspace if yur interested in Booking a show....

Alabama,to Kentucky

well we have been spending the past few months sayin bye to our friends til spring ..we are tourin the Midwest,then down to Texas and if ya want some Punkneck action come get some,next yr,some of you will have to travel to a show,we are gonna down size our touring to 8 months for 2010..but we are goin into the studio soon and next year a new PUNKNECK CD ....TELL YUR FRIENDS ABOUT US FORWARD OUR MYSPACE TO EVERYONE..

we had a blast in Florida

we made some greta friends and some awesome times..in Florida that is for the Biketober fest.. celebration.. it was exhausting,we got to tour with the TEXAS PAUL SUTHERLAND BAND.SMOKESTACK AND THE FOOTHILL FURY..IT WAS GREAT.. THE LOCAL BANDS ,WE WANNA THANK YOU FOR HELPIN US BE ABLE TO ROCK without you guys shows would suck..lol..we stoipped in Mobile alabama and saw some friends and family..its always good to see Mobile..we got to rock Jackson mississippi and it was awesome,and our friends are growin there as well..weare rockin alabama this week. so tell some friends and os not to be missed.......

Florida has been gettin off the hook..

the shows in Florida have been gettin off the hook.. the crowds have built up and the party has started..met alot of good friends,and rocked some good crowds.. tell yur friends to spread the word by comin out and experiencing a Punkneck show...

so far gettin better..

well as usaul the east coast of Florida has made us feel 10 times better by treatin and partyin better than the west coast of Florida.. i do hope the west coast of Florida will step up..if yur in a Travelin Touring band Never Play the Copper Rocket or deal with THX promotions..outta Orlando and tampa/ybor city unless ya like gettin fuct..man its been a blast between Daytona and Jacksonville,cant wait to roll further down the coast and hang with some good friends.. 420 friends..lol..contact us if ya wanna hang out..