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The Punknecks / Blog

get involved with Jason and the punknecks

help Jason and the Punknecks come play your towns favorite waterin hole venue,email punknecks@rock.com make sure to go see some of our live concert footage on youtube.com and visit our facebook band page we have a kick ass end of summer tour happenin come see us and get us stoned..lol

post yur pics

check out jason and the punknecks band page on facebook today tell a friend about usand post yur punknecks pictures and videos

Now Punknecks In Japan and europe

if ya want to see Jason and the punknecks in europe or japan check us out on itunes Japan or Itunes europe also http://cdbaby.com/punknecks3

Iowa and Nebraska colorado we are looking for you

we are looking for iowa gigs and nebraska colorado Jason and the Punknecks are looking for gigs august 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th forthese states email punknecks@rock.com

Now Booking california Oregon washington august

Jason and the Punknecks Now Booking august 29th 30th sept1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th are open dates if yur interested in music from nashvilles punk country scene http://punknecks.com email punknecks@rock.com for info

Punknecks East Bound and Down !!!

Jason and the Punknecks has Had a awesome west coast tour saw some amazing friends and met even more fold than last time..whoo hook!!! we love y'all and thanx for yur support we play our last 2 california gigs and then roll eastward please help us by post in http://punknecks.com on all computer savvy networks thanx go download us on iTunes http://cdbaby.com/punknecks3

Ya got to help spread the word

Jason and the punknecks true American punk country music http://reverbnation.com/jasonandthepunknecks Tell yur friends about us We are always on tour

California right now on tour punknecks

Jason and the punknecks been havin a blast on our west. Coast tour now !!!! Oregon was off the. Chain so was Washington We are now headin to San Diego for a show tonite may 1 at the shakedown Then we roll up to Los Angeles for a show this Thursday at the R Bar 10pm Also Friday in long beach we rock Pikes Bar and rest.free show So all you stoners and beer drinkers. Come on out and see one of our. California shows

Punknecks Punknecks Punknecks

Jason and the Punknecks are fuckin stoked at the amount o fkick ASS!! Punknecksthere are out there supportin our sound and makin our shows.. we are headin out west to Rock the west coasters so spread the word about our true american punk country sounds.. 420 in Oregon hell yes... write yur secratary of state to legalize marijuana.. tell yur friends about Jason and the Punknecks live kick ass shows.. ya wanna book a show with us at yur bar emAIL punknecks@rock.com

Homeward bound down and dirty

Jason and the punknecks are playin Tallahassee Florida tonite Midtown filling station 9pm We had an awesome time in Florida we love y'all Make sure to add Jason and the punknecks on Facebook Also join our street team on Http://reverbnation.com/jasonandthepunknecks We are haulin ass to Nashville tn tonite Be good to get some sleep in our bed in The old punkneck castle trailer lol We have a show march 29th in Nashville tn @ the Foobar east Nashville free show Jason and the punknecks

We are tryin to get as many iTunes sales up so we can get some notareity tell some folx about us thanx

Jason and the punknecks wanna thank all of you out there for yur support thru the yrs

Be on the lookout for our Rockymentary video comin out on DVD

Google and you tube us Your dates Http://reverbnation.com/jasonandthepunknecks