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ya think a venue would know they were closing alot longer than 2 days before yur show????it happens to us all the time.. if ya wanna see a good show make the next Punknecks show and be entertained for once...

we got KY this weekend..

we are rollin upto Ky,in Aminute to play Louisville's Highland Tap room on bardstown road,10pm ,2nite..so tell some friends if ya can..we had some awesome Nashville shows recently.. i totally suggest to not sit still and idle if yur in a band and playin all the time locally,we did thAT exact thing over the winter and it sucked saturatin our fans and our venues,playin locally all the time can and will de-saturate the amount of people at yur shows.unless yur a cover band..so play other citys within 20-60 miles away a few times a week and you can make a livin.and make fans...to bring to the bigger city's..let the party commence and all ahil Jason and the PUnknecks.. see yall soon sometime,,,Jason and the punknecks..........HELP SPREAD THE WORD

come out and support local and live music

we play all over the country damn near year round..we would love to see some of yall out there at our shows.. come hang and be entertained,and have a drink with us or smoke some green..lookin forward to seein ya.. also make sure to tell us how you heard of us..thanx Jatp

trying to climb that Ladder

Jason and the Punknecks have been pullin our rank in the national music community,we need yur help..contactin your local media such as newspapers and radio stations. also support in cd sales http://cdbaby.com/punknecks2

Now Booking

we are always Booking, so if ya got a show you think lines up with our tour dates esp:in Florida, Maryland,VIrginia,Kansas,Ohio lemme know jp

everything you wanna know about us

just GOOGLE SEARCH PUNKNECKS its simple latest news and info also http://myspace.com/jasonandthepunknecks we have been on the road for over 4yrs solid runnin and a gunnin doin it our way.. playin dive bars,pubs,live music venues,we have played with the best and stand tall with the best.. you wanna see a hell of a live show come to a PUNKNECK show and you will be rocked guaranteed..hope to see ya out at a show say hi if ya can.. http://punknecks.com for tour info..

cd out now on cd baby

you can get the cds @ cd baby http://cdbaby.com/punknecks2

from the midwest to the north straight to hell..

jason and the punknecks have been busy as hell,playin all over the country for over 3 yrs solid.. a non -stop tour..the name is growin like a wild fire in the country music world... a must see hillbilly experience, alive show you wont wanna misss.... http://punknecks.com

news about us around the country..

check out what people are sayin about us,jason and the punknecks http://getout.amarillo.com/content/outloud/032808_punknecks.shtml also http://youtube.com/watch?v=hetaUj5Xrn8 buy a t-shirt or a song http://www.punknecks.com

down and out in texas...

so we are in texas and finally have got music stores sellin our shit...we are headed to the northwest and whole west coast for a couple of months of non stop tourin..... been havin a blast with our lead picker woody... lookin forward to seein alot of you out on the road... come see us.. http://myspace.com/jasonandthepunknecks for tour schedule