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Béla Takes Chase / Blog

4th July

alright alright, has been a busy busy weeek on monday interview in the morning went grache i sure can talk alot when i want to, when asked what super power i would like i said ultimate super charisma everyone wants to be a bit more swarv, then great session with pete new song nearly finished, writing lyrics that mean shit you know how it goes, then great rehearsal with the band we love each other its a nice bonding experience, getting more and more exited about the live gigs, tuesday great meeting with Jo Hart media, except the guy who kept opening the door onto my chair and foot, i need not for that kind of thing to happen in meetings, then today meeting with bigbear PR dan and ryan yay such nice young men, exited about the work their going to do for me. now on to writing and attempting to finish my new song i like it, its nice, and tonight chasing suns EP launch at the barfly, savannah dry? maybe wow what a boring sentence i just wrote im so sorry. great good now eating beans, yes beans beans and maybe some more beans gooood bye…..for now Bela xx

Mon 25 june 2012

goood day good day goood monday tis bela writing a paragraph, right!! monday rehearsal! with the band, which means lots of playing over the top of each other lots of speaking over the top of each other until someone yells shutup and my most favourite thing my keyboardist paul breaking out in 80s riffs resulting in a bon jovi sing along to reunite everyone again. but REALLY been along time since ive been on stage, so really exited to get into rehearsal and out on stage, with the EP launch seeping ever so closely let the live gigs commence, and yes there will be fireworks and fire breathers on stage with me, wait apparently we dont have the budget for that no stress me and my guitarist louis will start learning how to do it now, what could go wrong right? anyway exited about a week ahead of serious rehearsing, so bela put down the vodka soda, and the red wine, and dont even look at the pint, i said dont look at the pint never mind i disposed of it hmmmm.