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Bill Walker Milton / Blog

Tribute 2 Robin Williams

My apologies for my music absence, Since the death of my childhood idol Robyn Williams, I haven't been able to do much of anything..but feel a deep sorrow for his loss. This is my tribute to him i started 2 days after he died.. I was and still am! completely saddened by his loss and absolutely felt compelled, from day 1 to do this tribute to this awesome person and human being. As some of you know i have been working on my 1st album, that i was hoping for the fall...but due to this recent circumstances it will still be awhile yet. I am still hoping for sometime just after Christmas..but right now I cannot say..Sorry and ty for your patience. ..as Always thank you for the Fanship' ~Bill Walker Milton

2 New songs off my upcoming album!

2 *New* songs off my upcoming country album LTFB, and Your Dreaming. Song 1 is a breakup song (but the guy is still in love with the girl). and is also a dedication to my late brother who passed away last year..its one of the few songs that he actually heard..Of mine! and its one of the 1st songs i ever wrote arond 17 years ago:)..and song 2 is about a girl in love for the 1st time i just wrote this year.

Just hold On Radio re-Mix (Official!!)

Ok just finished Re-mix on drum track for Just hold on..it was not out by much..but noticeable a a wee bit in a few spots..so that is now corrected..This will be the final release for radio submission both here in my local hometown hamilton and also abroad wherever there is radio and now, i can "finally" turn my attention to a few more songs i have been workin on for the upcoming album. sorry for any inconvenience if u had clicked like before, please do so again if u liked it the 1st time around..Thanks! ~Bill Walker Milton

Song of the year award right here!!!.LOl

There we go man song of the year right here!..just give me the award and everybody say goodnite..Lol..lol..lol yah that would be nice hey...anyways, its done my final take on my song Just Hold on for radio..the Re-mix!....with a Brand *NEW guitar solo added!...hope everyone likes it..and i hope radio does to!....CheerZ:) oh and i forgot tomention its Also free as a download,...For this week Only!

Thank you!

I just wanted 2 send a big thanks to everyone thats out here on this fine saturday night ive been checkin emails and sending thank you's out all evening .as i listen to your music...impressive! anyways if i havent gotten around to u i will in the next day or so..thanks So much for droppin by,,and being a fan..Much appreciated!....goodnite everyone:)

some of my favorite covers..saturday March 22nd

hi y' all..couple new cover songs to keep you stimulated ..another take on Keith urbans cklassic hit 'love sombody' done this past wednesday and and "the dance' by garth brooks i finished this morning. And i am re-posting my recent video for you must be an angel..from Christmas 2013...sorry i could not sent you a note if u are on my mailing list, i cannot find the link Once again..im sure ill find it again as soon as i am not lookin for it....its usually the way it goes;-) anyway' hope you like them..and please show me some love on You Tube also with a like or 2...if u dont mind..thanks ;-)

Videos finally...Finished!

Hi everyone'

I am happy to report that my videos are finally finished!..I hope you like them cause i never wanna make another one Haha!..and regarding my video for my single..Just Hold On!..i uploaded THE WRONG Video! to Youtube on my last post...sorry u got the one with my 'botched artwork' where my arm looked like a mutant chicken wing haha...im Still learning how to draw realistically in 'Perspective' drawings. Anyway this is the Correct Video for the song and It is the final version..for the video. sorry for any Inconvenience,..

Extra stuff... Also, i have uploading a couple 'Covers' of songs that i like by artists that i like..they are songs that i l have always wanted to do so here i am playing them!..i hope the sound quality is okay also..thanks again for watching...and i am still working on those originals for the album...cheers:)

Just HOLD ON now Launched!

ok just launched another official video for 1 of my songs Just Hold On both on youtube and here .., and also You Must be An Angel on here as well...somehow i forgot to put here during christmas..anyway so please check them out when u have a minute. Working on another one for completion by 2 morrow, i am hoping!


excited that i will shortly have videos for my songs out there..been a long road gettin here thus far!..lost jobs apartment living on the street..id tell you all about it but thats a story for another day lol ..And' after that live shows but i gotta get these promo videos finished and out there 1st!...Also, please see my video already out for You must Be an angel..one of my 1st songs i wrote besides We hared School and dontbe shy to gibve me a like on my tube channel if u do! like the Music!..stay tuned new Music and a few covers after that!..and thanks for all Likes and Comments..always appreciated!

You Tube Channel 'Officially' launched 2 hours ago!

I just launched my You Tube station today so i am extremely pleased but also...very tired. i did not realize it was so difficult to make a video.Hahaa..but i did it so i am very proud of it now.....Anyway please click the link below to go directly to my you tube channnel...~safe and happy holidays to all!~


for You Must Be An Angel official video its


`thank you and have A very nice Christmas!