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Bill Walker Milton / Blog


excited that i will shortly have videos for my songs out there..been a long road gettin here thus far!..lost jobs apartment living on the street..id tell you all about it but thats a story for another day lol ..And' after that live shows but i gotta get these promo videos finished and out there 1st!...Also, please see my video already out for You must Be an angel..one of my 1st songs i wrote besides We hared School and dontbe shy to gibve me a like on my tube channel if u do! like the Music!..stay tuned new Music and a few covers after that!..and thanks for all Likes and Comments..always appreciated!

You Tube Channel 'Officially' launched 2 hours ago!

I just launched my You Tube station today so i am extremely pleased but also...very tired. i did not realize it was so difficult to make a video.Hahaa..but i did it so i am very proud of it now.....Anyway please click the link below to go directly to my you tube channnel...~safe and happy holidays to all!~


for You Must Be An Angel official video its


`thank you and have A very nice Christmas!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tomorrow is my birthday so happy birthday to me! It has been a really great year for me for obvious reasons..1st off, getting these songs from my head to paper then into actual songs...has been a total high and huge learning experience for me as a musician..and not without its share of pitfalls which makes it all the more sweeter. Now I just have to decide what songs would work best on an album and finish a few more to make it my 1st complete 'Official' album, and that will be my next goal.But right now im just finishing a few videos.......Just learning How to make a video has been the hardest thing thus far,..Haha!..but alas' i feel im getting closer to the finish line:)

So anyway thank you to everyone who has fanned me..and tuned in to 'actually' listen to my music..and for all the feedback thus far...its of course always appreciated' speaking as an artist as well as a fan...So cheers Everyone!

Ps..And YES I really Did hate school that much!!....Haha.

~Bill Walker Milton

Shout out to the Reverb staff

I just want to send a shout out to the reverbnation staff....Thank you! ..for running my add this past week..Awesome job guys! i will defnately use this feature again in the future!

Still No Video.

still waiting on my Video for 'You Must Be An angel'... and it could be a while yet... Since i am making this myself and i want it to be as equally as good as i believe the song is. But i can't work on it right now..its just too hot in my room where i usually do this stuff. So even tho it might be awhile yet' since i am making it myself..it will be released Soon..if all goes well....i am hoping!...LOL, but it's a challenge also since i have never made a music video before. So its a bit of a learning curve for me, as well:)

So in the meantime' I've decided to release 2 more *NEW* songs and 1 Remix. I finally found 'The Correct' tempo for my Song 'I Feel A Change' so i am releasing it now too you' as a Re-Mix of the Song...since summer is quickly rolling by as i try to put this video 2gether.

Anyway i hope u Like the Re-Mix..and the new Songs as well...Cheers everyone and Hope y'all are having a great summer!



For U Must be an Angel and We Hated school..I am Getting alot of feedback on this song as well..So if you have beeen tuning in the past month or so since there release THANKS AGAIN!...I am stoked if you like THem!


WHat the Heck! I come back after being away for 1 month and now i dropped down 20 spots..just a month and a half ago i was at number 10 ..What the heck is THAT!..Come on MAN!!..s my youngest brother just passed away and i've been dealing with that S***...Life stuff Respects to my brother y'know..that sorta stuff....messes with your head sometimes...and why are my LIKe Buttons NOT Working!!!

anyway i'll have U MUst Be An Angel video out this week sometime...Peace!

NO release for latest tune.

hi' i will Not be releasing 'WHTGTWAR' song ..if u did not get my message via facebook..I detest War and this song was about going to war and the brutal aggression of war. i will probably revamp the lyrics in the future for something with a more positive spin...