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E Green Artist Biography

E Green Artist Biography

There is something appealing about a novice artist who possesses the charisma and confidence of a seasoned rap guru.. That something compels you to listen intensely and that up-and-coming rap phenom is E Green. E Green hails from the Crescent City of New Orleans, LA and was re-routed to Atlanta, GA via Hurricane Katrina. As a teen in his native New Orleans East neighborhood of Goretti Park he formed a rap group with childhood friends now called “The Youngest 1’S”, which disbanded and caused him to venture out to purse his solo career. He is primarily influenced by a variety of artists, ranging from hip-hop legends to local performers from his hometown such as (PNC, Fila Phil, Mia X, Mystikal, The Hot Boys etc.). His lyrics mirror his life experiences-such as the untimely death of his older brother and best friend in 1995. Eric was face with the same health conditions that his brother was faced with but was successfully granted a liver transplant in 1999 which saved his life-and these incidents along with an immense support system of family and friends, are what keep him motivated and inspired to become a major powerhouse in the hip-hop music industry. E Green remains humble through his impending success and believes that everything that he has accomplished thus far and will accomplish has been a combination of blessings from the most high and a vigorous work ethic. He has been featured in a plethora of written publications-such as Hot Block Magazine and various mixtape song placements. E Green also performs at numerous venues in the south. There is something appealing about E Green…take a listen and you will agree.