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Butterfly Breakdown / Blog


Well.. tomorrow is the day!! We release our EP- "A Little Water - the EP for "BLUE" September 1st! This album contains the first three singles off the upcoming album "BLUE" which will release in December. Please go visit our website for a copy or find us on iTunes, Pandora, Amazon, CD Baby and other sites around the web! And remember, if you sign up for our mailing list before midnight tonight, we will send you a free download on one of the songs from the CD! Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible and stay tuned....coz' more is a comin'!!

Today's Butterfly To Do List:

Send out artwork and photos to the final-stage graphic designers. - CHECK Set up accounts for digital distribution and publication - CHECK Get Master Audio Tracks to production house - CHECK Get copyright finalized - CHECK • RELEASE DATE: "A LITTLE WATER" the EP for BLUE" September 1, 2014

Free Download

Soooo..... you've been watching. You've been waiting... You've been wondering, "why the hell is this taking SO LONG?"... but ... if you go to our Reverbnation page; www.reverbnation.com/butterflybreakdown and join our mailing list OR go to our website; www.butterflybreakdown.com and join our mailing list AND you go to our facebook page and "like" us on FB ... We will send you a free download of "What'cha Gonna Do About It" ...in its complete studio OMG form with the amazing band. But you have to join the mailing list!! You have to Like is on Facebook!! (if you havent already).... We will be sending it out in less than a week so hurry!! This is a one time shot for our fans and friends and it's a Butterfly Breakdown EXCLUSIVE. Get your copy first!!!!!! Catch ya later!!!! Z&A

A Little Water

WOOT! Word.... we have been busy little Butterflies fixin' to BUST OUT of the cocoon!! We have the first three songs off the upcoming album BLUE complete and in the can and have created the EP "A Little Water" ready for the airwaves. This album features the whole band and you can get a peek at the sound on the Reverbnation page first song up!! "What'cha Gonna Do About It" ... Cant wait for y'all to hear it!! Will keep you updated!!! Zay and Anastasia

Music Reviews

Lol.,.. wow... someone "reviewed" our music and said it "has a nice latin beat". Another review said, "This would make a good punk rock song"

The song up for review? What We Want, Live on KEAO

LMAO... on the upside.... we did get a lot of reviews who enjoyed the "haunting melody" and " the amazing vocals of two singers who sing this as if it is more than just a song to them"

It seems that those folk who actually LISTENED to the song... they did like it...

LOL.. but it made my morning coffee amusing.


Up the Charts

Up YOURS!... heh... really... seriously, we wanna thank all the friends and fans who have helped keep us in the top 10 on the Reverbnation chart for the last 8 months!! AND... helped us break into the top 200 nationally... even if it was just for a week!...lol... Fan Appreciation!! Go get yer FREE DOWNLOAD from our website at www.butterflybreakdown.com or come to our Reverbnation page and download one of the tunes there!! Dont forget to sign up for our mailing list and be sure to like us on Facebook!! We TWEET too!... THANKS GUYS!!!

Seattle ROCKS!

The band jam in Seattle was awesome!! We are happy and giddy to be working with Reb Young on Bass and Aimee Zoe on Drums!! Rock On Ladies!!!

Sarah Farmer Earll
Sarah Farmer Earll  (over 1 year ago)

we just left Seattle yesterday..! can't believe we missed seeing you perform.

Butterfly Breakdown
Butterfly Breakdown  (over 1 year ago)

Im sorry we missed you too! Was just some rehearsal stuff tho' not a gig... but we will be performing in Seattle and Portland again soon!

Workin' for the MCA

Whew... its comin' along... bit by bit, song by song... the album is ready steady in a holding pattern that is pretty maddening... BUT... its going to be SPECTACULAR. Rebecca Young is jumping onboard for Bass and Aimee Zoe Tubbs is the drive behind the Drums! Plus... we have several featured artists TBA sitting in for additional guitars and vox and we cant wait for you to hear it all come together! The Kickstarter Video is nearly finished and Anastasia has been working non-stop to edit and make that happen!! Cant wait for you guys to have a look see!! Thanks for all the patience and encouragement in getting this all together and please stick it out for the final ride downhill!!! Thanks so much to all the fans and friends that are the reason we do what we do!!!


Butterfly Breakdown

Tainted Bleu
Tainted Bleu  (over 1 year ago)

We`re pumped, and can`t wait to see the video, and hear the new tunes!!!!

Over the Top

Whew! Making it through the Holiday Festivities without too many hitches... s'all good! Putting the video together and getting all those Strange Little Ducks in a row for the Kickstarter Video launch set to happen on February 1st, 2013!! Stay tuned! Anastasia is showing her brilliance with the video features and the great stories it is telling... its funny and moving and brilliant! Be sure to watch it and spread the lovin' word!! (Besides a great laugh)We will keep you updated and give a countdown to launch! We have some AWESOME musicians sitting in on the upcoming album, "Blue" and amazing and gifted local artists providing cover art and photos!! Reb Young and Aimee Zoe will be on the album as well as some other incredible talent!! Check back and tune in!! Cant wait!!!

End of the World Show!!

Be sure and "like" us on Facebook!! (Whats not to like??) and come join us for the End of the World at the Alberta Rose Theater on December 14th!! (okok...I know we are a week early but hey, get a jump on it !!!)... Share us!! On Facebook... online!!.. Everywhere!! Never know... might be the last time you can!!! O.o