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Christopher Mario Bianco / Blog

Back "In Montana"

We'll be back at the Bitterroot Studio "In Montana" by April 24th to begin the studio work on the next two albums, and revisit some of our favorite places under the Big Sky!

Back in San Diego

We've arrived back in our winter home in North County San Diego and are looking forward to returning to some of our old favorite places.

Long Winter SouthWest Tour

We have taken the show on the road to the Southwest for a long Winter tour in CA, AZ and NV (maybe OR too). Fests, wineries, restaurants, house concerts, beach kabobs, bon-fire & moonlight vigils’, sailboat focsles at sea, mountaintop sunrises, and wildwood weddings… should be a fun winter! You coming?

Natural Causes RELEASED!

The title of the latest album from Wildersong and Christopher Mario Bianco says a lot about what you will find inside. “Natural Causes” contains a full dozen songs dedicated to heightening our appreciation of the natural environment and of Mother Earth herself. The entire album sings about the ideal place where we humans are truly at home and at peace with our planet and with all the life upon her, from the perspective that we are all an integral part of the living planet and kin with the Earth and our fellow inhabitants. Songs like “Earth Is My Home”, “Just Me and Mother Nature” and “Sweet Mother Earth” sing of our oneness and inseparability with our planet. Others such as “Higher Ground”, “Leave Us Alone” and “Songbird” speak to our familial relationship with the other inhabitants of this planet. Selections such as “Journey to Wellspring”, “Sweet Harmony” and “One Wonderful Song” each articulate in sweet musical terms how we might achieve a peaceful and harmonious relationship with ourselves and our neighbors. Some of the pieces are upbeat and springy with a lightness and sweetness that makes you want to sing along with the chorus and tap your fingers on the table. Some songs are more relaxed and gently melodic in a way that might inspire a sweet tear of simple joy… and all the while everything vibrates with a reverence for the Earth and a love of natural, peaceful living. Natural Causes is an album of words as much as music; concepts that describe and promote a wholesome relationship with this planet and all its life are articulated in poetry posing as song lyrics. Chris’s lyrics float on memorable melodies that you’ll want to hear again, and that you will likely want your children (and theirs, and theirs…) to hear too. It is all clean, wholesome and very, very good. The words and the message are truly “timeless” in a very real sense - meaning there are zero references to technology or any current or historical events that can be linked to any particular place or time period. Everything in these songs was written and performed in such a way as to be equally as pertinent and as applicable a hundred years from now anywhere on the planet as much as right here right now. The music is formed on acoustic guitars, wooden percussion instruments, natural skin bongos, and Chris’s voice. The notes sometimes soar high among the birds, and sometimes drop low into the canyons. The chorus section sings harmony with voices and lyrics all their own to frequently generate a delightful dual-melody effect – you’ll need to listen a few times over to catch it all, and you will love it! These songs are the result of a three-decade-long creation and refinement process. Most were initially composed during Chris’s early troubadour years when he drafted several hundred such pieces in rapid succession. Over the interceding years Chris has reached back into his Treasure Chest of Music and retrieved a few at a time to continue their development and maturation. Natural Causes is the result of twelve such reworks…and there are literally hundreds more still waiting dormant in Chris’s Treasure Chest. “Natural Causes” is perfect for anyone who enjoys finely crafted, tasty, acoustic “Natural Folk” music; and who also happens to maintain an interest in fostering a productive, wholesome, and peaceful relationship with our fellow humans, our fellow animals, and our mother planet. Have a listen, enjoy!