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Ni'Ela Rocks / Blog

Can we really have it all?

Sometimes I wonder what have I gotten myself into. The risks, the pain, the disappointments, can come crashing down like summer rain. But all along I know that with every change there is something on a grand scale. So, I except it all as the nature. Not just the business, Life. Some live out their dreams and some live out their nightmare. I chose to do the unthinkable. The most challenging and difficult industry on the face of this plant. Some how deep down I knew if I only seek and aim to be great I would succeed. and I still believe. When I man sets his mind on something and it cannot be changed; this my friends is called "FANATIC" I never knew the man I would love in such a moments notice would be challenging as well. I'm faced with cross roads. Can we real have it all?

When you just know.

What makes us interesting? Who are we really? Without a story how can we capture the interest of our audience? Right now my mind is prepared for the future. I'v finished 3 albums and believe me my best work isn't on the Docks. Now that I have a few years under my wings I can recap my movements. The lights went out when I was in Music class in the First grade. I was the one singing and the kids pointed me out. My teacher contacted my parents for an appointed gig singing for the Dallas Cowboys. [never happened my dad didn't agree with it] I recorded my first song in the Second grade. My brother took a song I wrote to his third grade teacher and her husband happened to be a jingle writer. I joined creative movement in the Six grade. Talent shows in the Seventh grade. High School I was in the Jazz ensemble band into college. After school began recording and singing in a local blues bands. I studied voice at the Black Arts Academy in Memphis Tennessee for 3 years. My coach told me I cheated my crowd. She helped me round my voice. I bought books about: Song writing Marketing Campaigning Billboard songs I studied and evolved my plan Aug 12 2012 I launched Ni'Ela Rocks Music is my Rebellion having discovered my reason as to why I'm still reaching out. *I transfer myself into a song. "Hello Are you there? Are you listening? I just want to feel like I'm yours"

Keeping Up In The Race,

Keeping up in the race. When I stopped racing and visualized a tunnel only big enough for me. Thats when I stopped competing and started creating. Competitiveness is good, however there are other factors we lose in the race. Dont worry about your age, dont worry so much about time and those who dont want to see you progress. Stay positive, engage where you can and try the best you can. Everything takes stages and levels. I use to think by the time I was 22 I'd be a superstar. Then I gave myself until 25 etc. When I started competing against the time I lost figor and tact. I then began to focus on areas of enhancement. Particular writing, I sucked at it. I eventually picked up a few books went to writing shops. after that vocal lessons. I invested in myself and still do. Nonetheless many artist give up the hope in exchange for stability. I feel you. I haven't been stable since 2010. Its not the coolest thing driving a 97 vehicle that drinks all your money from repairs. And renting a room to afford things that will aid in your success. Its really what we chose. Trust that the angels will guide you. The lesson is in the struggle not the victory.

To the DJs/Producers

Chemical talent is a big factor with a singer, songwriter, producer. Its no different from a marriage or having a best friend. When there is a fit there just is. I adore creating and free styling. The internet is strong yes. I get tracks from many DJs/Producers and sometimes I have to write 3-8 takes just to find the perfect tone. Thats because the chemistry isnt there. Somewhere Something is lost. Although I landed a lucky one with the World Wide single Drifted released by DJ Favorite, I have had many offers on the table but did not fulfill the tone. Its life. I dont get upset about it. but… Thats one thing the internet cannot provide. The digital world has no real emotion. Thus its tough to survive on one alone. So heres to Eli Pinto AKA 3RDIMENSION. He got his first start with Infected Mushroom and Silent Hill & now with digital sounds through Capital Rec. His latest single you can find called house of cards feating vocalist Sandra. If you are a DJ A MUST ADD! You wouldn't believe if I told you but the guy is a musical wizard. What I have shared with you is about a 7 compared to the 3 Albums of 10's we created from Nov until July this year. I dont know what I'm preparing for but its in the air. When it comes I'll face it like a Shooting star. Catch me if you can. I love you.

Sad no more.

Music is my therapy. When Im angry or sad I take it out on my pad. This morning I'm writing a song and I named it Love & Apology. Very upbeat with a twist. Its a love song with an apology thus the title, You ever feel as though you regret your behavior? I think I lost the man of my dreams. As I am finishing this blog I realized all the pain I felt from within is now transferred with a pen. Thank you Voice, Emotions & Song. -N.R.


Right now this is what I'm jamming to: 1. Face to Face - Armin Van Buuren (Martin Roth Remix) 2. If You Should Go (Inpetto vs Duderstadt Remix) - Armin Van Buuren Ft. Susana 3. Araab Muzik - Electronic Dream 4. Offer Nissim - Out Of My Skin (Dj Pantelis Lost in Tel Aviv Mix) 5. Bassnectar - Underwater (feat. Tina Malia) A little Chill Out. A Little EDM Float, & A Little Gitch-Hop. THATS ME RIGHT NOW!

Music Video

As I'm moving closer to a clear objective and finding my true self. I think I'm ready for the big video. As an independent Iv been searching for the best quality at an independent price. Lets just say I'm quite a visual artist too! I cannot wait to WOW THEM!

Music is a BLog of Experience

Over the past few years building my rein in a saturated industry of competing professionals, I sincerely grew. I knew that I would face a lot of problems if I didn't learn how to be. I began to imagine. I began to say, I began to speak. I had to live it. Like 2Tapc would say. He began to live the gangster that he was. I'm emotional, I hurt, and sometimes I react before I think. Am I not perfect? All the resentment from social issues to economic problems and happy endings. Learn from them all! Whenever I doubt, or began to fear I immediate change my attitude surroundings. Small changes induce big changes mentally. Product of your environment goes without saying. I want to share more of me. Only in due time. I'm writing a book. You will be surprised the amount of problems I have had to over come. No one handed me anything. I wanted it this way. Because I actually want my sound to be undeniable. I can't express enough how many people have assisted me, or worked in my favor, therefore I'm thankful. Id like to say, I have not forgotten you. You are me & I am you. We are one.


I just dont understand how this world works. The mechanics so to speak. I suppose its when older people speak of timing.

I get it okay. In order for the seed to take notice you have to plant it. In order for it to grow it needs Water Sun.

I get it. Life has its structure. Survival is so serious on top of our desires. We have to be strong. Its very intense.

Not having all the support you need and still managing. I think I'm suppose to be here. xoxo

Beyond Sight do you Believe?

Do you Believe in Magic? Twinkle Little Star,

Child hood memories circle around imagination, creativity and the many wonders of adventure. Lifewise, Iv always been one for mystery, adventure. Its not a heads in the clouds sort of idea. With great powers you have great responsibilities, isn't that right SpiderMan? Batman? Wonderwoman? Why I take it there?

There is just something beyond what we can see that certain "helpers" in the media want us to know. Not all of way you see and read is against you. There are many Like :"The Matrix," Blood Diamond" beautiful Mind, to name a few, that opens your mind. Though it's a movie its presented in a way that people will X the idea totally because its just "A Movie," It becomes what is true isn't, and what isn't true is. Total screw up. Its your responsibility to chose.

I chose, imagination, creativity, wonderment. The more I seek for adventure and learn…The more I understand its not what you physically see. Its what you feel. Its just something you know.

I wrote this song: Yet to be recorded, Its not what you see/ but its what you feel/ Somethings in the Air/ Physical Ascension takes you there when you here the sound; A NEW DAY Hoping to reach the new age audience. She is alive! Into the 5th we rise!