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Choose to BE...

I'm filled up with mixed emotions right now. I remember when I decided to fully commit to pursuing my music on a serious basis. The past 2 years have gone by so quickly it seems. I look up and it's 2014 and I am a nominated artist, fresh off the heels of a successful packed house show, and preparing to perform in another state as part of a local tour. All I can say is GOD IS AMAZING! The road hasn't been easy but it certainly has been worth it. I have overcome so many obstacles pushing myself to be brave through the fear of the unknown. With every turn God has guided me and I find myself on the cusp of Greatness!!! It's so true that what you put out in the atmosphere will certainly manifest itself. I'm honored and grateful to be in this space of vast growth. It helps me to stay focused. Each day I aim to be better than the last, not just in music but in life, as a woman, a mother, attorney, sister, friend, and artist. There can be no logic to following the desires of your heart. You must just be. The logic comes in when you decide what to be and how to be. I choose to be NOW. I choose to be BOLD. I choose to be BRAVE. I choose to be ME.

Thank you Soul Searchers for accepting me, flaws and all. This Journey is picking up steam and the story is being written as I go. Continue to Rock with me and I promise not to disappoint. Choose life today. BE...


As the day of the event draws closer, I feel like an anxious little kid!!! I have envisioned this event in my mind for the past couple of years and now that it's a reality, it's all I think about. An opportunity to share my music in an intimate setting for my closest supporters, this moment is huge. I know that based on my "day job" many people are often surprised that I have this vast artistic side and more surprised once they hear me open my mouth! :-) Well I'm ready to knock their socks off!!! Rehearsing with the band has been like breathing clean air that you didn't know you needed until you experienced it. I know that it's no coincidence that my voice audition came before this show. Getting through that audition and pushing myself from within to be brave has boosted my confidence to levels that I wasn't sure I could reach. I have a great show lined up and I'm looking forward to pouring out my soul to everyone in attendance. I know that this event is only the beginning of many headlining performances. POETRY~LOVE~MUSIC is a coming out party and will be just a preview of the Greatness to come. I'm determined to be stellar at my craft and I will do the work to get there. Life throws us curve balls at times. Sometimes we get knocked down but we always have the power to get back up!!!!

And the NOMINEES Are.....

I woke up this morning to a message telling me that I had been Nominated for an Independent Chicago Music Award. Needless to say, I was surprised and extremely excited. I instantly began to confirm the nomination. On this past Saturday, my vocal coach, producer, & I had an in depth conversation about fear, worry & self doubt. While I have been developing my image and honing my craft, I have also been on a mental journey to unpack all the baggage that holds me back from living out my fullest potential. I can say that I am in the process of a major break through as I move forward in this musical journey. Despite everything that went "wrong" in 2013, it proved to be a stellar year for my artistry. From building my brand, to performing, to media exposure, releasing a successful single, and starting a video blog, 2013 was all about introducing the world to Kay Soul. There were times when I wanted to give up, where I have given up, and even recently where I questioned myself and my abilities. However, those days are over. I ended 2013 as an artist on the Emerge and started 2014 as a nominee for best R&B artist. It feels damn good to see my hard work and dedication slowly but surely paying off!!! I continue each day to ask God to order my steps and to speak life over my situations. It's not always easy but I remain dedicated even when I'm barely holding on and moving at a snails pace. I know in my heart that NOW is my time and I am elated to see what beautiful surprises will come to fruition in 2014. 7 days in and I'm already amazed. I promise to give you everything I have to give through song. On deck is the private audition for the Voice and the release of my mixtape: Flowers, Peaches, & all that Other Ish! I know that this nomination will be the first of many!!!! #NORESERVATIONS!


With the onset of a recent medical emergency and having to take some (much needed) time off, I can't help but be grateful to God for continuing to sustain me with His unwavering mercy and grace. He continues to confirm and reaffirm that NOW is my time and this calling on life goes far beyond just music but touching the hearts and souls of people through shared experiences that build character, mends broken relationships, and breaks down barriers. The sky is the limit and I know it. The outcome of recent events could have been fatal. I've spent so much time caring for the needs of others that I have neglecting my own well being. This next level that I'm moving into requires that I am at my very best and I can't do that if I'm not healthy. I have a new perspective on many things and I know without a doubt that what's to come is far better than what's been. With any transition comes discomfort and uncertainty but that's where the faith comes in. I'm moving some things around and Music will no longer be "the thing I have to make time for". Music/entertainment is what's NOW! We could wait forever for the right moment or we could make each moment the right moment and blaze our on trails. Now that I am feeling better, the show most certainly must go on. The level of focus, clarity, and direction I have right now is like nothing I have experienced before. I'm overcome with excitement and can't wait for the world to have a front row seat to the Kay Soul Show! #alreadyintheair! #watchclosely!


As I continue to move forward in this journey I can honestly say that regardless of all the planning, every step I take is an adventure. Emotions come up that I didn't even know existed and I realize more and more just how much this all means to me. I am giving all of me and letting others in which is a hard thing for someone who can be extremely introverted when in comes to my private life. My music allows me to express those things that often times I can't seem to say in any other way. Whether its my own experiences, those of my close circle, or just my daily life observations, my goal is to give listeners all the hurt, pain, joy, trials, triumphs and everything in between. I want to be a catalyst to encourage everyone who comes within earshot to heal and break free from the strongholds that keep us paralyzed in fear and to realize their full potential. YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO AND YOU CAN DO IT YOUR WAY! USE YOUR STRUGGLES AS A STEPPING STONE TO YOUR DESTINY! And remember.....NEVER STOP SOUL SEARCHING!


I attended the Driven Music Conference in Atlanta this weekend. I didn't know what to expect, but It turned out to be a great experiences!!! I would probably classify it as life changing for the simple fact that I stepped out on faith and took a chance that the opportunity would prove to be beneficial in furthering my music career and it was!!!! I met some other artist as well as industry professionals and started dialogues that I am confident will help take my career to the next level. I feel more confident, committed, and focused. I walk away knowing that every step we take in trusting our vision and believing God to guide our paths, He will do just that. I'm bubbling over with excitement about the future. As the balance of 2013 unfolds, I can hardly wait to see what awaits me as I continue this journey. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, TRUST IN YOUR VISION, PROTECT YOUR ARTISTRY, & NEVER STOP SOUL SEARCHING. #Blazingmyowntrail!!!!


Being an Independent artist is a nonstop grind. You have to constantly protect your visions and fight your way through the negativity. Your belief in yourself is tested every step of the way, but there is no giving up. When you know in heart and feel it in your soul that the time is right, you have to follow that with reckless abandon. I invite you to learn more about yours truly at the following link: http://beatdapavement.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/artist-profile-series-k-soul/

There is so much more to come. Watch closely!

Ready For Love....

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin verdict. In the thick of generations lost, held in the grasp of an "anything goes" society. From gun violence, political scandals, to natural disasters.... Suffice it say, we have been living in some turbulent times. With the wounds still fresh, I offer for your healing, a raw cover of India Arie's Ready for Love. I truly believe that we are living in a world where we are crying out, desperate, hungry and Ready for Love. If we can just start one to another, we can begin to heal the wounds by sharing and learning from our common experiences. After all, Love in its purest form enables us all to believe in a brighter day and a better us. Now who wouldn't want that?!

Sitting on Top of the World

I'm feeling on top of the world this evening! As the train continues to move down the track, I can't help but reflect on how far I've come. Today I was blessed with the opportunity to see an artistic vision brought to life as I continue to prepare for my official introduction of Kay Soul to the world. It's amazing to see God's plan unfold!!! I am overcome with gratitude. I was asked today if now was my time.....well.....IT MOST CERTAINLY IS! STAY TUNED.....I PROMISE NOT TO DISAPPOINT!

After Thoughts....

Last Night was surreal! Despite all the chaos, I managed to focus long enough on my performance to deliver the song exactly the way I wanted. I have no doubt in my mind that my dream is becoming a reality. This morning, I am extremely grateful for an opportunity to prove myself and my talent in a bigger way. I believe I have proven that I will do the work. I know that there will be greater and more opportunities to come. I'm ready to take the world by storm and knock their socks off!!!!