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Mickey Dapper / Blog

Derek Jeter

I Cannot Lie Derek Jeter Is A Class Act On All Levels, How Could You Not Respect The Guy. He's Always Humble, Always Thankful, And Not Afraid To Smile. As I Watch Him Play His Final All Star Game I Can't Help But Be Influenced By What He Represents. I Wish Him All The Best In Life. I Salute You Captain From A True Yankees Fan. Sincerely, Dapper

I'm Not Boring, I'm Focused

I Wouldn't Consider Myself Boring These Days. I'm Just Focused. Just Because It's The Weekend That Doesn't Mean I Need To Run Out And Spend Time Doing A Bunch Of Nothing. Now If I Was Doing A Show Or Something To Do With My Music, Then I Would Be All With It, But Just Going Out To Be Going Out. Nah! I'll Pass, Matter Of Fact This Brewers And Cardinals Baseball Game Is Kinda Good, So Until Next Time I'll Holla. Sincerely, Dapper

Lessons Learned

So This Pass Weekend I Had The Opportunity To Perform At The Hard Rock Cafe In Nashville Tennessee. I Must Say The Venue Was Crowded, Nearly 300 People And As The Butterflies Began To Go Off In My Stomach Before My Performance It Began To Hit Me, As A Performer You Have Nothing To Be Nervous About Because The Crowd Is There For You To Give Them All You Got. " Lessons Learned " ( i'm just thankful ).

My First Show Experience.

So On March 8th I Performed For The First Time On Stage In Front Of 260 People At The Hard Rock Cafe In Atlanta. I Was Nervous I Practiced Right Until It Was Showtime. Being That It Was A Showcase I Had Only Ten Minutes To Give The People What I Had To Offer As A Artist, So I Did My Snippet Song #Winning & I Want It All. Now Let Me Be Real With You Standing On That Stage Is A Whole Different Experience And I Have To Admit I Enjoyed Being Up There And I Now Know How Hard It Is To Be A Great Performer On That Stage. I Thank Live Music Showcase For The Opportunity And I Look Forward To Continue To Do Shows And Grow Stronger As A Performer. Thanks For Your Time. " Dapper "

Don't Let Distractions Ruin Your Focus. Stay Focused!

I Don't Allow Myself To Get Distracted By Things That Can Keep Me From Progress. Instead I Ignore It. Even If I Notice The Distraction. I Still Ignore It And Stay Focused On My Goals And The Work I Need To Do To Achieve Those Goals. Even When I Fall Short I Don't Get Nervous, I Just Remain Calm Because I Understand That Getting Nervous Won't Do Me Any Good At All. Positive Thoughts Are Way More Healthy Towards Achieving Goals Then Negative Thoughts Are. I Believe Planning And Being Prepared. I Mean Hey When A Coach Says Its Time To Play. you Can't Say Coach I'm Not Prepared. It Just Doesn't Make Since. Humbleness And Dedication Are Two Very Important Qualities When It Comes To Achieving Your Goals In Life.