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Ryan Osbahr / Blog

To The Ground

I wrote this song about a month before Icares broke up ....prolly some time in 09? I recorded it in the back room of our 5th ave house. It was really just a sketch of a song for idea purposes. The recording is extremely raw and not performed all that well, but as you likely have noticed from the other recordings, I don't really care. :) The dum machine was just a cool beat and i'm basically just hammering on E the entire song, but I still liked it. Hope you enjoy.

Get Bored

I wrote and recorded Get Bored in Des Moines earlier this year. I think I wrote it a couple of days right before we packed up the last stuff out of our DM house. I've never been very happy with the mix of this version but it's the best I am able to do with my little experience and knowledge in mixing and recording music. It's a little darker then a lot of the pop music I've written over the years, but that's been the direction I've been leaning lately. I dunno why, things have never been better in my life. :) Any how, I've moved into the new house, have my studio re-set up, am in talks with a couple of familiar musicians about getting together, it seems like a great time to get back into music. I hope you enjoy the song. Thanks as always for listening.


Feel was written by Rock Smallwood and is a Red Letter Day song. It's been far too long since I've added music to my page, but I have been going through a lot of life changing events which have included a job change and a move back to the Council Bluffs/Omaha area. I got a little nostalgic today and got back to thinking about my time in Denver and the band Red Letter Day. I have contemplated returning back to a rock band over recent weeks and I fondly remember my last group I played with. Red Letter Day was so much fun and had so much talent and potential. We recorded “Feel” in Elliot’s spare bedroom and while I don’t know if it was our best song, it certainly came out the best of the recordings we did. This was my first real go at singing somebody else’s words and song, and I quickly felt attached to it. It soon became my song as well, my words. I love it now. I hope you enjoy it.

The Only Thing I've Ever Known

Wrote and recorded this song a couple weeks ago. I had planned to do some more work on it and I can just see that's never going to happen. Very busy with the holidays approaching and managing several other side projects in my life. The performance is so so, the structure is lacking, the bass playing is pretty bad as well.....which is prolly why I like it. I did it all in one take and then doubled the vocals. They lyrics are fairly depressing, which is not really a state that I'm at in life. Things are going really well for me, though you'd never know it by listening to this. But I've been writing a lot darker songs then ever before in my life. Maybe it's cause I'm old and bitter. :) I just like the lyrics, "you promised me that you would make me whole" and "all alone, you're the only thing I've ever known" It's always been very comfortable for me to write from standpoint of a scorn lover or love lost, when in fact, I couldn't be more loved or in love. So, there's that. I'm not sure where it comes from. Maybe it shows that I may have some deep down insecurities.. :)

Either way, thanks so much for reading and listening. It's much appreciated

In Good Company Revisited

In Good Company revisited was not planned. I’ve been playing acoustic a lot around the house lately and this version just kind of came out the other day. It’s in standard tuning, (the original was a step down) my guitar seriously needs restrung, and I haven’t played or really thought about it in 5 years since its release. In fact, I only realized that it was 5 years old when I dug out a copy of the album to re-learn the lyrics to the song when I recorded it. It took me back. I remember when I first wrote it, I was so excited. I wrote it early one morning in my house on 5th ave in CB. I remember waking Amber up (I wake up at ridiculously early hours) and sitting on our bed and showing it to her. She obviously had just woke up and probably could have gave 2 shits and thought it sounded like every other song I had written at the time, but I knew it was something special. I remember working out the song with Icares. The original version of the song was only 1 vs, 2 choruses, a bridge and an outlet. We originally played and planned on recording it with Jim Homan at the Warehouse. When we showed it to him, he liked it but said it needed work. Jim always had a nice way of telling us shit wasn’t quite up to speed. I’m grateful for that. We shelved it and moved on and the song never even ended up being recorded with Jim. Flash forward almost a year later, we recorded it in its complete version with Chris Harden at IV Labs in Chicago. This song needed Chris’s touch, and voice. He actually sang backups to the song on the album and helped arrange the keyboards in the breakdown. I can’t imagine it being any other way now and it’s probably my favorite Icares song. The song just embodies so much to me. It became my calling card. A staple that became our album title, part of my life forever more. Roaring guitars, big harmonies, and a passionate yell….all things I wanted for Icares. I recorded this version of the song yesterday (9/28/12) and sent it to Tim, Mike and John. It’s a bare bones version of it. This was recorded in one take and is completely dry. Thanks as always for reading and listening.

For U Demo

ok, so some songs I write I get really excited about. This is one of them. This is the song I've been trying to get out for a while now. Not that I've had it for a long time, but that I've been searching for this sort of powerful, sincere, and dark sound and I've finally found it. I've been playing the main riff of this song since my Good Speed days. I've never had any kind of lyrics for it, but I think it's safe to say that I've got a good base now. A lot of song writers fall in love with new material and think initially that every new song they write is the BEST song they've ever wrote. I'm having that feeling immediately after recording this song. I'm obsessed with it a bit. This will likely not be my last version of this tune. I hope. I'm really hoping to find a band soon. When I was young, I only imagined playing music until I was 30, now that I'm 34, I hope I never stop. Last week, after I wrote Way @ Home, I told myself that I was going to take a break from writing to concentrate on some personal stuff. I can't take a break, it keeps coming out. Please make it stop! I have shit to do :). Thanks as always for listening.

Way @ Home Demo

I wrote Way @ Home over the last few months since moving to Iowa. I've been playing around with the main riff for a while and was never really sure what I wanted to do with it. I just knew I liked it. I had some free time yesterday (8/22/12) and decided to lay down an acoustic lay out of the song. This song is basically about all my little jealousies, and how no matter where I go, they will always follow me around. It took me a long time to figure that out in life. :) Not sure what else to say about this one. Hope you enjoy it and thank you very much for listening. Shocking enough, I do get a lot of hits on these songs, which is why I keep putting them up. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart that people take the time to listen. (NOT SURE ANY ONE READS THESE THOUGH LOL)

Sideways Demo

I wrote Sideways 8-7-12. This is just a demo, not even sure all the lyrics will make it to the final cut or if they are even actual words....lol. I was kinda free-styling a bit. It's more of an idea rather than a complete song, but I liked it and figured I'd post it up. I am going through a bit of a musical resurgence here lately. Not sure what's up or why that is, but I'm enjoying the outlet. Thanks as always for listening and reading.

Song 10 Jump Back

I wrote Jump Back early this morning August 4th 2012. It's very incomplete, raw and certainly unfinished. I just wanted to be sure that I had the song on tape so I didn't forget it. Maybe it'll become something bigger down the road, maybe not. Not sure what its about either, just that I liked the melody a lot. Some times I'll go months, maybe even years with out writing any thing I really like. I mean, I write hundreds of songs, but never really like them all that much. I instantly loved this one. Thanks as always for listening.

Song 9 -Super Bad - Ryan and Elliot Collab

Super Bad is a new collaboration between me and Elliot Niesl. Elliot was a guitar player and one of the main writers in Red Letter Day. I only knew Elliot for a little over a year, but he was one of my good and only friends while in Colorado. Living in a much larger (than I was used to) city where I only knew a small handful of people was a great experience in my life, but Elliot and the guys in Red Letter Day were really my only social outlet besides my wonderful girlfriend, and soon to be wife Amber. We knew a few friends out there, and embarked on many new friendships, but Elliot was one of the guys I truly got close to. In the short time we knew each other; we were able to forge a musical bond that hopefully will never ever be officially “over”. Red Letter Day was a short, sweet, and happy time for me and I will always look back on the experience very positively. Shortly after our move back to Iowa, Elliot self-released a solo album that he had worked on for some time. His new album "New Revolution" is now available on iTunes and can be found by searching for “Elliot Paul”. I strongly suggest it. Elliot is one of the best song writers and singers I’ve ever been around or have had the pleasure of knowing. Elliot sent me what eventually became “Super Bad” in June of 2012. Elliot played all the instruments on the track (sans the drums) and asked me if I was interested in coming up with a vocal arrangement and lyrics for it. I was pumped. I was never really ready to end Red Letter Day, but our sudden move for work changed that. I’m sincerely happy I was able to write another song with Elliot. I made a rough copy of what I wanted to do with the song on my own, but I felt that his recording needed a pro vocal track on it. I went to Gary Wilson’s studio, The Dub Factory, and pounded out these tracks in about 45 minutes and 1 take. Gary put his usual shine to it, like he has so many times for me before, and I’m really happy with how it came out. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading.