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Tawdry Tricks

Tawdry Tricks - Vic Richard c)2014

There's a one trick pony walks along the rooftops

Rules above dead flowers turning john around the block

On the streets of sin strays feel at home

Pick out a slave or two you can call your own

Here comes lonely out buying some fun

Momma knows how to get a thing done

Somewhere in Rex is what the town is called

A long way from Texas her house is the bomb

Get all you need with your new bedroom blonde

Tawdry tricks that please and she's a single mom

Hard Sell

Hard Sell - Vic Richard c)2013

I've lived so long behind a shell now all the kids have grown

I've known what fun is all too well and now I stand alone

I didn't forget anything some hard lessons I was taught

Most of you have grown up well I'm afraid that some have not

Surface unit I dwell toxic burnout I smell

Bad Religion hard sell I can't use it oh well

Because your point of view is so untrue

You need something to think about the pennies on your shelves

A grass fuel burning desert cow to forget about yourselves

You need someone to make it sell to teach you what you really want

And I won't be somebody else or something I am not

Art and Human Nature

"As an artist, one must learn to accept praise and adoration, as well as indifference, jealousy, even hatred with equal grace and humility while being sensitive and mindful of the flaws and attributes associated with human nature." - Vic Richard


"The sun was blazing cows made for grazing and jumping for the moon. Grand days were fading colors green complaining the end was coming soon. From ones trapped in a town, to ones forced underground, live with me behind the sound." - Vic Richard