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Tons of new songs!

We have been busy this summer 2013 not just with forest fires, but, also writing new material. We have some really funny songs that I can't wait to record and make videos out of. Hope to be working on new stuff this fall and winter. Hope you had a good summer. Cheers, Joey and Shannon

Brand New CD!

We are pleased to announce the release of our new cd. "Out of Town". 11 songs of great rockin' upbeat songs with unique story's and catchy melodies. Available direct from us, or buy from cdbaby or itunes.


Guess what Kids? You survived another year! Every breath you take is a gift. So don't waste any energy being mad or sad. We don't. As lookouts we see the beauty in nature. That's why are songs are fun and upbeat. We might not be the worlds best rock band, but we are original and fun! So download our songs, they are FREE! Don't forget to pay it forward. Cheers, Joey