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Miccoli / Blog

Addiction EP out now on Pre- Order

UK - addiction EP is available to pre-order on iTunes NOW! You can get it here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/addiction-ep/id916065308

Wake Up Call

So it's 6 a.m and we're awoken by the sounds of Penang's morning hustle & bustle, but this is not your typical early morning sound track of cars, buses and motorcycles whizzing by your front door!!! Here it's a dude chanting his sandals off down a loud tannoy at the temple round the corner from us, which in turn wakes up all the monkeys in the trees who reply by singing/ squeaking in full chorus. This unusual duet between man and monkey goes on for about 15mins at which point only the heaviest of sleepers (basically the dead) would be able to sleep through! So we're wide awake now ears aching, eyes heavy and jet lag fully upon us we're kind of ready to go and start what we came here for......

We've joined forces with Clarion Malaysia and Prodigium Mobile to promote the "music for life" campaign. The "Music for life" campaign brings together Clarion Malaysia, Prodigium mobile, Clarion "Mirage" car head unit, Android and the promotion of independent music like ours.Allowing our music to be downloaded straight into a car head unit via the Internet.

As Jennifer Aniston would say if she were doing an infomercial for this product "here comes the science bit"....... The Clarion Mirage unit which is Android driven will give consumers access to 18 million songs from the Internet in Asia, where they can buy, download, listen to songs immediately across multiple devices as they are DRM free. As mentioned this platform will soon be available on all electric devices such as smart phone,ipads, computers etc.

This is big news as people in Asia are unable to digitally download music (well legally anyway), it took us a while to get our heads round the fact there is NO itunes,NO 7 digital NO digital outlets over here for music, which is kind of crazy. The official launch of the music download platform here in Asia will be happening mid May in Kuala Lumpur, where we will be performing live and showcasing our new official music video for our song "Idle Stranger".

For more info check out the links below

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Musicforlife.my

YouTube: http://youtu.be/Zct2-UtGN40

Second Album.....

Miccoli Second Album So it’s been a while in the making, but the wait is nearly over (and we promise it will be worth the wait), as we are in the final stages of completing our second album. It’s been a long road getting here with ups and downs, but as they say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!!! This album is very personal and heartfelt almost biographical at times, as always drawing inspiration from our lives, relationships and the experience we three have had as individuals and together . One of the hardest things to do sometimes is to think of a name for an album, something that really encapsulates the essence of the songs and sets the feel for the album. After many discussions and hours spent deliberating we finally settled on "Arrhythmia" which comes from the Greek word rhymos, meaning "rhythm". In Greek the prefix “A” when added to the beginning of a word means “loss” – so put together they mean "loss of rhythm". Now as for us trying to explain to you the exact reasoning behind the chosen title is virtually impossible, because the personal experience we had that inspired this title, became much more than just one experience, much more than one explanation, it opened our eyes, gave us opportunities, made us appreciate life, brought us closer together and made us look at ourselves more. We think the beauty of music, lyrics, songs or album titles in general is that they should allow you to relate your own experiences, enable you to make your own mind up, whether making you happy, sad, motivated, inspired or relaxed. So we will leave the fourth coming material together with the new title of the album “Arrhythmia” up to your interpretation. Kind Regards Miccoli

New Miccoli APP

Hi folks and welcome to the new Miccoli app, many thanks for taking the time to download our app and showing your support we greatly appreciate it. Here you'll be able to keep right up to date with everything Miccoli. We will keep this Blog updated as much as possible,so as soon as we know anything or have exciting news to share, you guys will be the first to know. Hope you enjoy the rest of the app. Kind regards Miccoli