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The Envisioned Music Project / Blog

What the Future Holds

Troubles come and troubles go Where we wind up you never know For life is short and quickly fleeting Always go to where your heart is leading

Will I know you in the years to come? Will I see the rising sun

Will I know you?

Living Hard, Living Right, Every day, try to get it right Will I know you in the years to come? Will I see the rising sun?

Life's uncertain at its very best Every day it's put to the test Will I know you in the years to come? Will I see the rising sun?

Emily Justice
Emily Justice  (about 2 years ago)

I love this song!


Progressing through and trudging on we all must do. Music is a great release for our pain, our emotions and a conduit to finding our happiness and dreams. From where ever you find yourself in this old world you will ultimately emerge to find a new you, a new day a better life. Dream, plan, do and emerge. Check out The Emergence, full compilation version, my attempt at a true prog rock song. Have a happy day my friends.

Playing Live

The past weekend was great as I was able to play live for a small gig with my brother and the NPR Project as I call us or the No Practice Band. Had a lot of fun doing a solo set and enjoyed the great weather for playing out of doors. Look for new CD coming out in late fall tentatively called Boys and Their Toys. It will be a whole different genre for me and will include vocals. Songs are rock, maybe a ballad or two, a blues piece and well what ever else falls into place. Peace and love to all.



The observer noticed a guy swimming in the middle of the ocean when suddenly the swimmer shouted "Help me, Sharks, Help me, Sharks. The observer paused and thought to himself with a smile, those sharks aren't going to help him! :) Enjoy

Journey Beyond

This was inspired in some way by a historical vision of Napoleon's retreat from Waterloo. The underlying march and trudging forward through all types of challenge and tribulation. Well, that was a thought. I also liked the midi version of Rick Wakeman's mini Moog that I had experimented with. Anyway, one of my favorite pieces that I have created because of low bass and soft passages. I hope you enjoy.



This song was originated over a long period of time but was inspired by new piano choice from Kurzwiel. I first played this live for a relatives wedding and each movement represents the ups and downs of our lives but attempts to capture through main melody how it always seems to return to normal.

Some transformations are fun and some are scary and foreboding. Transformation tries to capture those emotions in three distinct sections. To live and to grow and realize our true potential, we all must become transformed at some point. I hope this inspires your transformational memories or thoughts.

Lonely Road

Have you ever been on a rural road and wonder where it will ever come out? Sometimes our lives are lonely roads that leave us confused, disoriented or just alone. Lonely Road captures some of that melancholy and loneliness that sometimes surrounds us all.

For many, this loneliness is short lived as we focus on the next interchange, the next opportunity that will lead us to where we want to be. This song to me is a great mental release that helps us to relax our minds and focus on our journey and where we want to go.

The creation of the song was somewhat removed however from the title and it is really one of my most favorite pieces that I have created. The genesis for this some came from the purchase of my MAudio 88 key midi controller and the Tascam Gigastudio piano. While trying out each and playing with transposition, the lower line was recorded and then the lead melody was later played on top of that track. This was the finished version for years until last year, where revisiting some of my songs, I decided to add the backing voices from my Korg N264.

This somewhat unorthodox recording method represents the journey that I created on my own while exploring new territory, hence the name lonely road. Enjoy my favorite creation as this weeks promoted song.

Etherial Plain

Inspiration for music comes from many and varied sources and one never knows what will elicit a new idea.

One sad night in 2006, i was in the studio playing around with a new sound in the old Korg and had laid down a few tracks while CNN was in the background. A news story broke about the death of the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin which I know struck the world with sadness. Like most this event saddened me as well so as I continued playing somehow the tune I was tinkering with kinda clicked a little and somehow the melody reminded me of the enthusiasm that Mr. Irwin always exhibited in his love of nature. So I added the didgeridoo sound to the front and background of the track trying to capture the Australian spirit.

Somehow, this song evolved to become a unique mix of styles and sounds and to some it may have a Caribbean sound and personally I feel the bass line has an African feel and so all of this combination ultimately made me think of a journey across the plains in Africa or perhaps the outback of Australia of course only seen by me through the television lens on our world.

So all of it came together in a unique song I call Etherial Plain, which has its own unique spelling and consequently undefined meaning. I hope you enjoy this number, spelling and all, and imagine your own journey and definition to the word etherial. Love to all!! Jamie

Time Waits

Time Waits

Soon the day will pass as time moves forward Time is always on your side Have your dreams and plan your future Time is always on your side

Dream your Dreams Live your life Time is always on your side

Fast the years go by as time moves forward Time is never on your side Put aside your dreams and delay your future Time is never on your side

So Live your dreams, Live your life Time is never on your side

This was my original idea for Time Waits it matches the chorus, well kinda, if you want to sing along. Bottom line my friends, life goes by so fast so make every day the best it can be and follow your heart in all things.