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Humon / Blog

Forecast: Media Frenzy

Hello to all,

First off, thank you to everyone who has come to our many gigs this fall! The shows just seem to be getting better and better, we're meeting lots of new faces with kind words which really means the world to us. We have a ton of live footage to post in the next few months so keep your eyes peeled for that.

In other news, we've been working on an in-studio music video with our recent tour partner Christopher Reyne. Each instrument or vocal track on the audio recording will be coupled with a video recording of the take, and then edited into a music video which we will release on youtube. Let's just say the song is a mashup of a couple old favorites from our Juan es the Thief/ Tunka Mighty days… it's sounding pretty killer thus far!

We're also in the final stages of our 5 song EP, if you enjoyed Wise Wizard Tortoise and It's Yours, It's Sold than we think you will love the other 3 tracks we're working on. We want to spread this baby far and wide so that there is a good buzz going by the time we start working on our full length next year.

New website coming soon as well!

Big doings kids, we're very excited. It's been a slow process with us simultaneously playing and booking live shows, recording an EP, working full-time jobs, making a music video, building our new studio, etc. It's nice timing that all these things seem to be coming together at once! A bonafide media storm, we can only hope… We're about to dump some real shit on you in the next few months. I think we've found our sound for the first time, and trust me, we've been playing together a LONG time, but HUMON is something totally new. Music from the souls of three kindred spirits. We hope you love it, I know you'll love it. Stay tuned, and thank you for listening, supporting, dancing, and giving us the motivation to persevere in the face of extreme adversity, indifference, bad luck, bad clubs, blisters, bad promoters, blown vans and blood, sweat, and tears. A true labor of love. See you at a show soon,

Much Love,

Mr. Manware and HUMON

Tour Time!

Hey friends, fans, family...

We've got the goosebumps and giddy schoolgirl feelings on this particular night for it is the eve of our first tour. This must be the equivalent to Christmas for any band.

I can say that I am so proud of what we've done this year so far! We started putting songs together and practicing regularly in January. 11 months later we've played nearly 20 shows, have a working van, established a local fanbase, recorded our first demo, written 18 original songs, got our first t-shirts, and are going on our first tour! Shit, I've been in bands that never tour or release full length records, and I can say I'm really so proud of my bandmates and myself for the work we've put in. Feels like we've done so much in a year, all while still working full time jobs that beat the shit out of us mentally and physically. We still drag our carcasses out of bed on our few days off, and we practice whenever we can. We've really been busting our asses and it's nice to see the fruits for once.

I'm finally in a group where I can say we're all on the same page. We know we have something with this, not sure what yet, but it's coming along splendidly. We all know we're not getting any younger, and we all want to give this band a fair shot, because for once, we really believe in the music we're making.

Tour kickoff starts tomorrow night @ Casbah. The lineup is excellent and I think it's going to be a great night! We're also so pumped to see all of our friends at the three New England shows.

As excited as I am for the tour, I can't wait to get back and record all of these songs! We're going to record every single one painstakingly, all 18, and choose the best 10-12 for our first full length album.

Big doings kids. Feels good.


Emily Pakes
Emily Pakes  (over 1 year ago)

Congrats, guys! Best of luck on the tour.