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The Infinite Calling / Blog

Track listing for Waves of Luminescence

The track listing for my new album Waves of Luminescence is as follows: I. Radiating from Within 7:00 II. Flowing Through Our Souls 7:00 III. Stretching into Eternity 9:00 IV. Propelling at the Speed of Mind 6:30 V. Swirling Through the Cosmic Ocean 7:00 VI. Pulsing into the Present Moment 9:00 VII. Signaling from the Great Beyond 12:00 www.reverbnation.com/theinfinitecalling Listeners can buy it from one of the following links: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/waves-of-luminescence/id910776536 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MWG41EQ/ref=cm_sw_su_dp

Music for New Record Finished. Time to finish up the other stuff.

So after much work, the musical component of the next record is complete. I'm still browsing artwork; I want the "right" cover for what this project represents. Once I get that done, then I'll begin the process of uploading the tracks and getting everything into place for release.

The Next Record is Officially Underway.

Today I began traveling the creative path to the next record for The Infinite Calling. Since I’m on summer break for the next several weeks, I will be creating, recording, mixing, and editing new tracks. In fact, I’m going back and forth from listening and editing a new track as I type this.

I’ll have to say that starting out today was interesting to say the least. It took me a little while to get all of my gear set up in my music room for these sessions. Once I had everything in place, my first inclination was to convert and download the performances I captured during the Full Moon phase of April and the New Moon phase in May. All of the performances from January-March are already downloaded and converted (at least the ones I want to keep).

However, one critical piece of equipment failed: my multi-tracker most sincerely crashed and died as I was in the process of retrieving said performances. It’s kind of an old multi-tracker; I won’t admit how old,lol. The drive on it is completely full at this point and I can only speculate at this moment if that was the cause of the crash. All is not lost however. It is still possible to record direct to my computer, so that will be a temporary solution until I can afford to upgrade my gear. Meanwhile, I have plenty of material to work with and it looks like I’ll be experimenting with some alternate approaches for recording new pieces of music.

As far as the previously converted/saved performances are concerned, I know for sure I’ll divide the longer live performances into shorter suites. Also I’d like to introduce into the mix more deliberately structured, shorter, and more layered works as a contrast to my improvised live performances. My debut album was a quite lengthy free form musical journey, and I’d like to catch more listeners with this next record who enjoy the style of music I perform, but who may not be able to (or frankly want to) make the investment time wise into delving into the longer works.

Finally, I’d like to put it out there for those who don’t that I’m creating and building a new progressive metal/post-rock/ambient group that I formed earlier this year (it is named, but we are not announcing it yet until some things are in place). There are a couple of other promising musical projects I’m involved in which are in the early stages as well, but mainly I’ll be alternating back and forth between my new band and The Infinite Calling.

That’s all for now. Until next time my friends!


Tracklisting for my first record "Behold the Infinite" out on 12/18/2012

1. Spring Equinox Ceremony-33:00 2. Blue Moon Ceremony-16:00 3. New Moon in Leo-18:00 4. Harvest Moon Meditation-15:00 5. Goddess Seduction Ceremony: Hunter's Moon-33:09 Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Behold-the-Infinite-EP/dp/B00AAQUU54/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355451954&sr=301-1

"Behold the Infinite" online 12/18/2012

So it’s been quite a journey for me, a lifetime journey in fact, to release my very first album which I can truly call my own. “Behold the Infinite” is a dream come true for me and is a culmination of a vision I have had deep in my heart and soul for a very, very, long time. I did (almost) everything on my own; I performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered the project. I did the album artwork; the photo was taken courtesy of my wonderful girlfriend, Stephanie. The release of this project I arranged and paid for on my own as well. Everything was indie in the truest sense. This whole entire experience has taught me so much. In so many ways I have learned how to let go, trust my spiritual center, and allow the impulses of my soul to guide me to new and exciting possibilities. For the longest time I thought that I would do this in a band format (actually I have but not this much music in one release). There’s almost two hours of music for the listener to immerse themselves in; this is actually a double album, but it has been mislabeled as an EP because there are only five tracks. Don’t let the retailers fool you, lol. This one is a journey. It’s been quite liberating to call all of the shots and to do everything exactly my way without any compromises. Everything I am presenting here I believe in 100%. I don’t have any reservations about any sort of concessions made for the sake of anyone else in terms of quality, composition, or presentation. It was nice to have a hand in everything and develop everything on my own, in my own terms, and on my own schedule without interference or absence affecting the process. In terms of guitar sounds, I have taken some of the most esoteric and unique guitar tones I have ever created, and put them to full use; this is really the crux of what The Infinite Calling is all about. Experimentation, improvisation, and unrestrained instincts play major roles in what I do with this music. There will more than likely be shorter and much more structured pieces for my next record, but this one had to be nothing short of powerful waves of soulful intensity washing onto the shores of the spirit. Also I will probably incorporate synths, plug ins, and more complex looping as well. Aside from what I have mentioned on my bio, my musical intentions as The Infinite Calling are quite simple: I want to take the listener to another world and present them with an alternate experience of musical reality. The world of music is in a very exciting time. For those of us who want a customized musical experience, all we have to do is search online and we are well on our way to finding satisfying musical experiences that specifically our tastes. I’m here to serve these listeners in particular. This music is for listeners who want a challenge. This music is for listeners who want to be rewarded every time they listen. This music is for those who have a desire to have a soundtrack to the journeys of life. This music is for those who practice, magic, myth, and ritual. This music is for sunrises, sunsets, and nights under the stars. This is music is an invocation to Bliss. I would be deeply honored and humbled if you decide to choose me as your musical Spirit Guide on your own journey into Infinity. May love and light fill your lives and open the paths to transcendence, sublimity, and to your highest possible potential. Namaste Dan The Infinite Calling "Behold the Infinite" available on December 18, 2012: http://www.amazon.com/Behold-the-Infinite-EP/dp/B00AAQUU54

July 19, 2012-New Moon

Well the debut release for the Infinite Calling is still moving forward and all of the pieces are falling into place. I have found someone who will master the project for me and I’m sending it off today; not sure how long the mastering process will take but I know that it’ll be worth the wait. I think I’ve mentioned in a previous blog that I’ve decided to release four tracks, three of which are already posted here on Reverb Nation. The Full Moon Meditation from earlier this month sounds fantastic and I am quite pleased with the results, so I will include it as well and that will comprise the entire work. Finally, I have one last bit of very exciting news. I am working with a local venue to put on a debut live performance for The Infinite Calling. Once everything is firmed up, a date is set, and the green light given, I’ll make an announcement with all of the necessary info. New Moon tonight! A new ritual will be performed/recorded this evening for future release. May the blessings of infinite kindness, creativity, love, beauty, receptivity, expansiveness, and abundance permeate all aspects of your life. Heed the call of the Infinite and follow your bliss my friends. Namaste-DT

July 3, 2012

Hello everyone I just wanted to give a quick update on what's going on in the world of The Infinite Calling. I'm happy to say that the performance I recorded on the New Moon last month exceeded my expectations and I'm excited to announce that I will indeed include it on the first record which I plan to release later on this year. As far as the first record for The Infinite Calling goes, I'm still slowly but surely assembling the all of the pieces required to professionally release this music to the world (via Reverb Nation). I just want to make sure I do it right and cover all of the bases; not to mention my list of things to do with it grows with the input and ideas that keep coming from within and without. Indeed, the Eternal within is bubbling with creativity and new ideas and I would be remiss if I ignored those internal impulses. Tonight I will perform/record a Full Moon ritual. I expect all of the forces of the Cosmos to come into a profound and powerful convergence and the powers of unlimited potential will bring it into a greater sphere of existence. Until next time my friends. Namaste-DT

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'd like to begin this week's blog with a discussion of the plans to release an mp3 album for The Infinite Calling via Reverb Nation. I have all of the steps down now and know everything I need to decide on in order to get things rolling: a title for the record, cover art, the number of tracks, a release date, and copyrights/publishing. I pretty much have everything decided and in motion with one exception; the number of tracks. All of the rituals, mantras, and meditations I have recorded easily pass the 20 minute mark. So the question is what to release? I know I will release the New Moon Meditation from March 2012 and the Easter 2012 Ritual because I know for a fact they are powerful tracks and most definitely they speak to my soul. These tracks combined add up to around 60 minutes worth of music. I would like to include about another 30-60 minutes worth of music, and this is what I'm not so sure about. There is quite a bit of compelling material and I can't decide. Perhaps I will provide some edited versions of these particular performances. Not sure yet. I'll go ahead and post a couple of more clips during this week and go with any listener feedback that may manifest. I know I mentioned I would include a full length track last week. Honestly I just messed around and never posted it,lol. I've decided to post the Super Moon Ritual in its full length (warts and all,lol) sometime today for streaming only. If you'd like for it to be on the album, let me know. In other music related news, I've jammed a couple of times with a great vocalist and old friend named Jeryn Sutton in the last couple of weeks. We have almost completed our first song. We haven't conceived of any master plan to become some big deal band or anything like that, but for sure I think we mutually have decided to create some acoustic guitar based music and will just kind of go with the flow of the energies of the cosmos. I'll keep you posted. When we get some demo music recorded, I'm sure it'll go up for you to listen to, but for now it's a project in its infancy and we're taking our time with it. I'd like to leave you with a thought. There are times when major internal struggles with negative emotions invade the heart and cloud our happiness. When they arise remember that that Infinite Bliss Consciousness and the joy of Enlightenment of the present moment is only a step away. True joy is always in the heart. No matter how many times one may be drawn back into low energy thoughts and states, a simple choice to direct our energies into higher energy states can be made at any time. This is a gloriously beautiful choice and everyone owns the ability to make it. The higher energy states of the universe are who you are and the Source wants you to make the choice to attune to them. Impermanence rules this universe, so any low energy states that might manifest from within or from others are only temporary. Make the choice today to not allow any individual, mood, or event define you or destroy your happiness. Choose the infinite wellspring of kindness, love, beauty, creativity, expansiveness, receptivity, and abundance within. This is empowerment. This is Source energy. This is the beauty of the Infinite Eternal Source that creates all that is and will ever be. Namaste-DT

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Everyone! I would like to begin this week’s blog by announcing that the Reverb Nation account for The Infinite Calling is officially upgraded. One of the perks of upgrading is having the ability to release a full length album which can be made available on amazon.com, iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc. As soon as all of the necessary research to do this is complete, the process of releasing a full blown record will be initiated. There are a couple of other cool things in the works that will be announced as soon as they are approved. I’ll keep you posted. Later on this week I will post one of the currently available clips in its entirety and make it available for streaming only. Which one will it be? Feel free to give me your ideas and I will be happy to make my decision based on your input. I’d like to shoot a video of a live performance, but I need somewhere to play to do this. An art exhibit, a coffee house, a private party, or a full blown rock festival, it really doesn’t matter as long as there is a receptive audience. Any ideas anyone? Feel free to send them to me and I’ll consider them. The rituals I recorded on the Full Moon last week and the New Moon last month have been transferred to my computer and are in the editing process now. Our treasures lie within. They are indeed infinite and infinitely beautiful. Treasure them, bask in their beauty, and serve the world by giving them freely. Please help spread the word about The Infinite Calling. Thank you. Namaste, Dan The Infinite Calling

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hi everyone. I’m Dan and this is my first blog post for my solo ambient music The Infinite Calling. For those of you just joining me, thank you for becoming a friend and thank you for taking the time to listen to my music. I also must extend a heartfelt and warm Thank you for making The Infinite Calling the #1 Ambient artist-Jonesboro, AR!!! As of today I have posted three short clips of three different rituals I recorded this year and I plan to add more in the future. Once I have the money saved up, I will upgrade this Reverb Nation account and make all of my music available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, etc. In the meantime, I will make short clips available for free for a limited time. For today, I have made the preview clip for “New Moon Meditation March 2012” available for free download. The entire version will be posted once I have upgraded this account. Enjoy my friends! Feel free to share this music with those of like mind and taste. I intend for this music to bring out the aspects of kindness, creativity, love, beauty, expansiveness, abundance and receptivity in the minds of all listeners. The Infinite does indeed call us from within. Peace, Dan