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This new video we are shooting....... Is bout to be a powerful one..... Shouts out to my girl Aarendy Gomez!! who will be with us all the way from Alabama!!!


We are gearing up to shoot my new music video for "Your Mine" ONE of my official singles for Alivenwell

My new singles

My official first Singles for my Album will be "Ahhdaway" and "Your Mine" Yes two ....get ready!! No, the songs are not posted on my snippets lol Also buy "Live for the moment on Itunes now!! On radio in the Uk!!!!

I gotta post ....

O gotta post Juicy punko Irene's favorite song lol Look for Juicy featuring Adrian Battle!!!


I started the Gospel infused hip-hop samples I have the pro-tools dated material to prove...matter a fact it was 2inch reels then!!!! Lmao!!! CHECK OUT my FAITH BEAT (first track when you open my Player)


HAHAHA...... Every Wednesday I'm gonna post a track I did from a long long time ago. Today I posted a song called "Missing You" Featuring Michael Jeffries (yes I knew him that long) from when I was dealing with Universal Records... shouts out to my A&R at the time Russ Niblet,!!!- WOW the good old days!!! This was 12 years AGO don't knock the hustle!!!! hahahahahah

Memorable Moments.

CENTERFOLD:) Part 6 of the interview- you put on your invincible, on top of your incredible, underneath your irresistible, Makes you MY PERFECT CENTERFOLD:)


Ok I think I need to hit my girl kreayshawn and put her on my "Billy Jean " track lol dats dat "ol school " dub your whole verse 90's rap hahah!! real Sh*** the game need dat!!..... I love it.... dat **ish hard mann !! Team Billy Jean- Alivenwell!! Btw my cousin is locked up till "2058" real talk....Remember people T.I.R ...This is RAP foo

Every Friday

Every Friday, I will change my (Art) music to something I've done in my music career that I love. Could be a song, a dope beat, something I wrote or working on, or maybe just me playing the piano. Something I'm inspired by.


643 downloads 24hr one day....ok operation free shit lol