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Double Secret Probation / Blog

TOP 10 in SF Bay Area Rock!!!

Thanks to everyone, DSP hit TOP 10 status (hitting #9) in the SF Bay Area Rock genre rankings .... LOVE IT!!! and a huge THANK YOU!!! to all our fans, friends, and family!!!!! We'll keep rocking for you all!

Looking for pictures or video....

Hey everyone, anyone have pictures or video from the past couple gigs? Could you send them to us? Especially the really fun ones!!!! They don't even have to be of us, they could just be of all the fun had at the party atmosphere we create!!!!!

Mojo's is coming .. Rehearsal Tues Night!!!!

My favorite day of the week is nearly here (well, except when we are playing that weekend, then my favorite day is GIG DAY) ... We will have the camera on, so listen and look ... we will be rehearsing songs for the Mojo gig, and arguing about what we should be playing!!!! 5 people, 5 different ideas!!!! the better parts of being in a band. I have always said, it is like being in a 5 way relationship, without sex to smooth the arguments... LOL!!!!

Last rehearsal before Bucky's ... !!!!!!!!

Going to get the webcam up and running this evening, so you can check us out live during rehearsal at justin.tv/dsptheband ... sounds will be only ok (it is hard to capture good sound from a single mic and pre-amp) .... Hope everyone is coming out to Bucky's this weekend, we will be rocking the whole night long!!!!!!! It is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!

rehearsal nights are always AWESOME!!!!

how do you go wrong ... you get to hang out with your best friends, yell and scream, sing and dance, and go home completely exhausted, without even knowing you were getting tired ......

We'll try to get the webcam up and running tonight too, so we can start broadcasting rehearsals again.

rocked the block!!!!

Thanks to everyone that came out ... it was AWESOME!!!! and hope to see you at Bucky's in a couple weeks .... NOTHING IS OVER!!!!

Summer advances

And DSP is ending it with facetime for our favorite people ... YOU!!!!! Come out and see, hear, and dance with us ... lots of shows coming up, and more on the horizon !!!!!

It's not over until we say its over...

That's right we're putting in the extra work as we approach the gig on the 27th. Get ready Pacifica and the rest of our fans on the coast. We're rockin the house soon!! stay tuned...

Dont forget to check us out on facebook as well!


Facebook -- Don't forget - http://www.facebook.com/dspthebandofficial

Don't forget to like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/dspthebandofficial .... life is good, take advantage of it

Just fun at rehearsal

Getting closer to the Sept 1 gig at The Bistro in Hayward ... rehearsal night on the 1st of Aug ---- http://justin.tv/dsptheband/b/327139757