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Midnight Rock Opera / Blog


THE MIDNIGHT ROCK ORCHESTRA: My new band, a New Mexico Supergroup, will perform Midnight Rock Opera live on theater stages beginning in Summer 2014. Kody Audette, bass, and Joey Diaz, drums, of Throw the Temple (current ReverbNation New Mexico Top 10 Alt Rock with a history of #1 status) have joined me (NM's most popular online musician, current RN NM Metal Top 10 with a history of long-standing NM Rock #1 status). Reggie Giles completes our quartet on guitar.

New Mexico's BIGGEST and BEST music

In July 2013 Midnight Rock Opera, the accidental hit album with 69000 fans, became the most popular internet music ever to come from the tiny state of New Mexico USA.

New music video from Midnight Rock Opera

Brand new music video from the Opera. Dracul King of Darkness: 2013 Trilogy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcINDrKxlSE

1-Year Public Anniversary Event



NEW REVERBNATION SONG-PLAY-BASED "CHARTS" MANIPULATE ARTISTS & IGNORE FANS, i.e., a #1 Local Rock album with 32,700 Fans was moved to #40 overnight & a band of 5066 Fans was put in at #1. Now one person playing 10 songs on RN outweighs 10 people who play 10 songs on Facebook. RN's new stats don't create Charts. They create bullshit to manipulate artists into buying more RN apps. When I complained, RN's response was that I need to use more RN apps. Seriously. I have no reason to lie.

32,700 LIKES, 41,000 VISITS

Jc Long re: Midnight Rock Opera, "A wonder of nature... Wuthering heights of rock... Legend of our time... Creative genius from New Mexico."

Review: Midnight Rock Opera

Review by Jc Long (Facebook, Nov 12, 2012) --- Midnight Rock Opera. The #1 album from New Mexico --- "A wonder of nature... Robert W. Townsend's Midnight Rock Opera embodies the soulful flavor of the wuthering heights of Rock. Entwining philosophical paradigms like Zarathustra and the Great Awakening, this record represents the legend of our time. Like the White Wizard Gandalf casting Evil back to the shadows whence it came, nothing can stop the creative genius from New Mexico, this humble giant, Robert W. Townsend !"

#1 New Mexico Rock

24,200 Facebook likes. An Epic Existential Journey. "The Facebook Experience". The MIDNIGHT ROCK OPERA. The Opera starts at Midnight. It always is Midnight at the Opera. The best seat is waiting for YOU !!!

Midnight Rock Opera History

#1 New Mexico Rock on Facebook, now with 22,430 likes. #1 NM on RN, national #1157, global #1928. https://www.facebook.com/MidnightRockOpera

Midnight Rock Opera from New Mexico USA

Now approaching 6000 Facebook likes. My album Midnight Rock Opera is the Number One most liked New Mexico rock on Facebook. It outpaces the former leader by about 550 likes or 11 percent. Yet on ReverbNation my album is Number 10. RN cannot read over 400 YouTube plays nor Facebook plays from over 8000 visitors. If RN could include such data MRO could be much higher than 10, Oh well. Such is life. FB ONE and RN 10 are grand to me.