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Calamity Janes / Blog

iShowcase Music

Yesterday, Alyssa, Courtney and I traveled to Houston to perform at iShowcase Music at Jet Lounge. We met lots of other bands, made lots of good contacts, put on a good show and had a good time! We went with the mentality that even if we don't win, we were there to perform and get the experience of being on stage. There were some good bands there and (naturally) some weaker bands. When we met with Kat Gaynor from Warner Music, we got some great feed back. The things that we were told are things that we are currently working on. We need a band behind us and we need to be doing original music. Kat told us "you can sing, I mean, really sing" and at a later point in the conversation when we were wrapping up, she gave us our cell phone number and said "as soon as you have original music and a band behind you, call me." Once again, we don't expect anything to come of it, but as we work on our original music and band stuff, we will keep the opportunities set in front of us in mind. We did a lot of talking over the course of the day about our goals and direction and we have some very clear ideas about our music. We've had the privlidge (thanks to our Daddy's best friend Doug) of meeting some very smart, kind friends who have been in the business for many years and played with many great musicians. It just seems like we are meeting the right people at the right times. I don't think the opportunities arising as they are is a coincidence. I think this is the right time for us to follow our dream.