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Ace La / Blog

The Loner is here

Finally !!!!! It’s Here!!!!! You can now listen to the whole “#MindOfMuisc Vol:2 The Loner” BeatTape Enjoy!! Producer: Ace La Mixing and Editing: Ace La Cover art by: Mr. Miyagi All Rights Reserved© 2014 by WLHRecordings Click Here: https://soundcloud.com/wlhrec/sets/mindofmusic-vol-2-the-loner

#MindOfMusic Vol:1 The Student

Finailly This is what you all be waiting for "#MindOfMusic Vol:1 The Student"

I could of done this with out My bros Purp Man Major and Mr. Miyagi so thank them as well.

So enjoy!! Like it, Comment, Share it, Spread it. Let everyone know we out here!!

Ace La #MindOfMuisc


Ace project

Ok it’s get close to my Birthday and for the pass 2 yrs I Made a beat for my Birthday. Well this time I’m Gonna do it a lil differently. I can’t give to much detail about it. but I can say it’s a first for me doing this. More details will unfold in the next few weeks.

Ace La #MindOfMusic

Glorified, Motivated

Here is what yall all been wait for the Track list for "Glorified, Motivated" which comes out on the 27th 1.Intro (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 2.Money,Thirsty, Love,Hungry (prod by Miyagi) 3.Traveling (prod by Ace La) 4.Her Last Summer (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 5.Sunrise (prod by Ace La) 6.First Place Pussy(prod by Miyagi) 7.Her Lust Demons (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 8.Janet, Mariah, Halle (prod by Miyagi) 9.My Turn Up (prod by Ace La) 10.Ben Franklins And Kush Blunts (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 11.Mr. Miyagi (prod by Ace La) 12.Satin Sheets (Feat. Ayane) (prod by Miyagi) 13. Not About That Life (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 14. Tumblr Ratchet Music (prod by Miyagi) 15.How Deep is your love (prod by Ace La) Bonus Track: Legendary Forever (prod by Ace & Miyagi)

So Plz!! hashtag #Legendary4ever on twitter to @wlhrec and @ThyBlasianPanda to let us know you gonna listen to it.

Get Ready

there are few projects and things that I got coming so be on the look for them. I hope yall will like them.

Ace La #MindOfMusic

May Lay!! May Lay!!

Hey sup Everybody. I need Everyone check out Kallay in mixtape ”LeftOvers” Download it, play it, listen to it. it’s a real good mixtape. http://www.datpiff.com/Kallay-Leftovers-mixtape.489440.html

New Projects!!!

Ace La is currently work on 2 Projects. one has all ready been Announced. Ace La will be working with rapper/producer Mr. Miyagi on a mixtape called "Welcome to The P.A.T.H. Of Life". the 2nd project as not yet been Announced. more info coming soon.

Who are you working with?!!!??

Ace la is Back, and is working on some up and coming Projects.There are some new videos up on the page of you want know about these projects. more info coming soon

The BeatTape is HERE!!!

"The Future Vol.1" BeatTape is out today! here is the link to check it out:http/www.datpiff.com/DJ-BACK-BLOCKS-DMS-PRODUCTIONS-Severe-Productionz-Presents-The-mixtape.200414.html and Here is what Ace La has to say: IT is finally here!!!! Here is "The Future Vol.1(Original Beats) BeatTape that I'm on. Thank you Everyone who made this BeatTape Happen. This is my first time doing something like this and I know it won't be my last. Thank You!!!! - Ace La

Ace La on a BeatTape!?!!!

Good news, Ace La will be on the "DMS Productions BeatTape". We will keep you posted on when it will be coming out. thanks to Donproducitonsbeatz