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Riptorn / Blog

Official Mario Welcome

We didn't make a big enough deal out of this, so here goes. EVERYONE WELCOME MARIO MORANO INTO THE BANDO this guy is an exceptional talent on the bass (and he doesn't even play bass) the vibe is good and the jams are going well. And he kicked ass at EXODUS.

Yeah, so, now the goal is a new recording. We have 4 new songs that, well we have played them live it's no secret, but we will finally have them etched onto disc for eternity. Or saved in the matrix or whatever. Songs include: Rage Hard!, You Scared Yourself, Total Extremeness, and 100 Shot Salute. heck maybe a cover too.

So look forward to the rest of 2013, and come see us live goddammit!

Rembering Jay - 2012 Review

Hello Riptornians, thank you for checking the blog post. The last update was back in June of '12, and shortly after that tragedy struck the Tampa metal scene. Someone beloved by every metal head who ever met him passed away. That was our original bass player Jay Robinson. July 11th, he was involved in an auto accident and that night Tampa lost a legend. Metal night at the Brass Mug has not been the same since. The first thursday after I remember the Mug being a somber fucking place, with everyone gloomy and depressed. Ever since, he's always in our thoughts at every show.

It was quite a blow to us emotionally, even though Jay stepped down from the band a good while before this happened. We always hoped to get Jay back at some point because he really was the perfect bassist for us. We definitely continued on then, as we do now, for Jay's memory and to honor him because that's what he'd say to do. We'll never forget you man....(RIP Jay)

So, anyways....if you read the previous blog post, we were about to play a show with DEICIDE, and we did thanks to Dan Santana filling in. He's been with us since and he's a great professional dude! Anyway, we dedicated the Deicide show to Jay and performed pretty well. The venue that hosted it has liked us ever since, so go figure. The rest of the year was just about the same, we played a few local shows here and there, intermixed with a healthy dose of national tours coming through, like the SKELETONWITCH and HAVOK tour!!!!!.....also we played with DYING FETUS and CATTLE DECAPITATION!.....!!!!!!!!! And we sold a good amount of our first pressed shirt as well as selling and handing out our awesome "demo" THE SHIT EP. shit went pretty good for the rest of the year.....

Now the future, well,.... as of now we are booked for a Battle of the Bands for a spot on Sumerian Records.....it's a....bit of a long shot to say the least. But we got a shot. Also, shows with SABATON and FUCK THE FACTS......so, that's about it. We're hoping to finish an album and have it completely mastered and packaged professionally. And from then on it's touring to spread the shit out of that shit. If we get a permanent bassist even half as great as Jay, then these things really have a shot of happening.

UPDATE 6/30/12

So the first half of 2012 is over; What have we done? What have we accomplished? Well....we recorded a 4 song demo, which was more stress inducing AND costly than we thought. But we were dumb, now we know better. Oh what else.....right, we played a bunch of shows. Like mainly just local shows, but the big deal for us was definitely sharing the stage with OVERKILL back in May. That's something we'll never forget. What a great show. Ahh,....anyways after that show we haven't done much else. Approximately 3 new songs have formed, mostly in the past couple of days. I think those 3 outshine our original 4 so hard, it won't even be funny. They are less straight forward thrash, and have more obvious influence from death metal, hardcore, and black metal. We want to be EXTREME! but still, we're thrashers at heart so it will always have that tounge iin cheek mood, just with any riff we want because WE ARE SUPER METAL AND TOUGH!! Future Plans: Well, we're talking about a halloween cover show. Might be interesting. Also,.....DEICIDE at the Crowbar July 27th. We're opening. Beyond that, we don't know.