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Well, as any musician will tell you, there are gigs and there are gigs and them there are dinner gigs. Usually dinner gigs are where you sit in the background and plink away. It's not your job to get in the way of whatever diners think is important about their evening. Just make yer money, play jukebox and pack out.

So Saturday we played a little alt-new food place in Cashmere called Smokeblossom, and from the start it seemed like the people were listening. Kind of a new experience really, again if you can play 'Girl From Ipanema' for two hours who the hell would know the difference?

In any case is there a trend here? are people really wanting to see more of a dinner show kind of thing? Last time I played anything like that was oh so long ago at a place in Vancouver BC called The Cave. Yes. glittery uneven ceilings and walls. Opened for Johnny Rivers, if you can believe that.....

Dinner shows. What a concept! Ahh grasshopper there is nothing new under the sun.


it's special when......

you get a good crowd. No secret to that, but a lot of times people are preoccupied with whatever they are preoccupied with. Nothing wrong with that, they came out to enjoy some tunes and we appreciate that. But last Friday in Cashmere at the Devils Gulch Drinkery was one of those nights where people really came out to listen and interact with the CBB, who just loves to interact with the crowd.

I mean, Christina Thompson, talented singer/songrwriter filled in between sets so her folks could see her show. How often do you get a chance to ask Christina to hold off on the table dances while the folks were there.? Her response, "Well my mom would probably join me." Lotsa laughs. Oh that and the story about our back up singers, and the metal loving bunch from Ephrata who actually stayed through a set of pure Americana. BTW, you guys, I did look up Jack White at your suggestion. Interesting guy, has a great way of putting a song together. There's an interview with Conan O'Brien where they chat for about an hour, its on YouTube, look it up.

Anyway a really great night, the kind that you want to work hard for so it happens again.

thanks all. we'll see you on May 30th at the DGD.

Music in eastern Washington

Yahhhh the great wasteland, or so they say. Got to go to Seattle to make it, right. well.... we've been playing up in Wenatchee and the scene there is vibrant. Great blues players, great raw talent, great americana/folk players, good clubs, and no attitude. Honestly we have not met ONE PERSON who just had to be recognized. Lotta talent out here in the greasewood.

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