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The Two Guys who play music / Blog

Inspired by Mike Wolfe of American Pickers

The Two Guys present "Pickerman"

Next week at Packo's

The world premiere of Sally McGuire!!


Mari & Kevin save us a seat!!

"That Was Nice"

revisiting an old tune and revamping it1

Scratch track for Sally McGuire

ready to go!!!

we had a

dear in the front yard!!

Sally McGuire

We are recording a rough cut of Sally ans it should be in our site very soon.

New Orleans Party Asylum

At Memphis Pearl 8:00 till 11:00

Summer's here

and the time is right


The other non-addictive mood-altering non-substance. Ask your Doctor if Music is right for you! Common side effects include but not limited to; Uncontrolled toe tapping Finger snapping Selective hearingiImpairment Persistent melody and lyric flashbacks Caution: May cause mental stimulation, mood elevation ,increased creativity and energy levels In some extreme cases listeners have been known to jumped up and dance.