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Insane From Pain / Blog

End of an Era

This was part of a process of personal healing, the answer that the music was looking for, was always in me. If your an artist and interest in unique lyrics and you relate to them, some will be available for licensing terms are negotiable see us for details, proceeds will go to support the tbi survivors network and its many projects.

Broken Inside

My newest oldest song I think is finished I just need to get the right music now, this is the song my soul has been waiting to sing

In my whole

this is one of my newest creations it's harsh as i realize as social of a person I am I no longer have the skill to be social, and the poverty I ran myself or it ran me into and the people who let so many down along the way and what sucks is how little of a amount of money it was but how much it was to those who needed

Carry on soldier

I have faith those closest will carry on our mission of equity for tbi, and knoweledge everyone wants to make this business out of us,when we just need love and understanding

If I Should Die

if i should die tonight which in my heart is what i want more than anything, I want to go with dignity, and peace, to love and never be able to share it. to lust and never be able to explore it, with someone who for some reason smiten me , and i didn't even see it happen, others around me knew that she was special but i was the last to know, not in a million years do i wish me on someone with so much life ahead of them, I get to share it through my songs , i know i wont be here long my hope is i just dont wake up one day and maybe my works like an artist will be worth something to my children two beautiful daughters who are grown for the most part and my ex took any childhood from my youngest away, i worried about my crazy nerotic dog who my kids i know will make sure she is taken care of, i want to thank everyone for the love, i just could never connecct in this world again, and the love i feel that I cannot have is more than i can take, like a dog in heat its been driving me crazy and i never knew, i am ready and thankful for the life i have had and i hope that my vission carries on for those living with brain injury we have hope, but not when all is consumed in our lifes and it now is up to you to make sure survivors have a chance there are so many heros to carry on God Bless I hope i don;t see you tomorrow

My Life Now (Death by Studio)

The only way i can say some things is through my message I wonder if she will ever know or care anyway

I am so tired i can feel the trembler inside right now, but this obsession to share what ever it is I think i Need to share is becoming crisis 101

My Head is pounding from the ear sets my voice hurts, and how they just take each word and break it down and put it back together, it dont even sound like us anymore, but I am getting to understand , and in normal folk, it would have been nothing but how a essence can attach or think it does it is driving me insane… I cannot figure it out what it is or what it wants. One more day, in a box for hours and hours to have my words taken apart and put back together and I am doing it. Dang I have sold out, I don’t intend to tour just build some interest in songs i have wrotten 100′s and this could be my chance to sell some I have some pretty wild things seems like a life time

But this fast running road to make a little money to get out of debt I will have to let you know who that goes.. As I really feel my soul torn out expressing what ever, tears and mini seizures are fueling the intensity of the creation, It is going to be something, wonder if the techno stuff will be worth anything, the song tbi has a pitch that at clubs it breaks glasses quit popular right now making attention to an interesting side, I love all the stuff here that we can put together and create anything any sound we can think of, its thinking of it, I am working on a techno bit called ( Out of my mind) I think its good you’ll have to let me know, if i should bite it in what feels like the end, but you know those bumps yea hah anyway Ill be back home tomorrow if i make it through the session - Off to create a message

July 2012

July 2012 will ring for a while, I actually had moments where my brain worked like it once did and the realization of how hard one can work and how unfair life can be, but we still must go on, and like everyone I question why He didn't take me home, and what can we really do and change is overwhelming every day my new song is just that my life right now, how depression it can be

Lost in a world of the unknown

life is funny some times we think we know where we are going and other times we realize were just lost in a world of pain