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First Press for VF!!


Brah Brah Brah, new song, Brah Brah Brah....

Alright VFer's, we're working on closing out album one! With Jovi's progress on bass recordings we are moving ever closer to the finishing touches on our first attempt at making an album! We've got mastering and such, etc. but I'm feeling as if progress is occurring bit by bit. This has been one hell of a learning experience and I'm proud to have shared it with so many amazing people....and hell, we haven't even traversed the US yet...that day I cannot wait for. So...with finishing up our two newest Guitar Pro tunes and recording our current tracks we creep ever closer to getting ourselves a standard of performance from which we can grow from. It all gets easier from here. Okay...I'm a bit loaded now...so if you see any grammar biffs or whatever, that's cool, I don't care, I'm just happy to be blogging-ish for the band. Love you all!



Hey VFer's, Sean Jovi's been throwing down some bass lines for the last few weeks to aid in the completion of....ALBUM 1: For All We Left Behind!!! So, this means that the guitar tracks and drum as well, will likely be updated and sound better than ever very soon! Jovi's been putting up with a cat in heat, high temps, and long drives to get all this done so give him some props if you are on facebook or twitter, let him know how much you love his dedication. Lastly, we have an Android App up for grabs for a bit, FREE of course. It connects with all of our sites and updates, etc. something for the rabid fans out there! all 182 of you :) Okay, enough for now....Cavan still has some Lima-a-Rita to finish and some Avatar to watch while Jovi makes fun of him for doing so. Fans, family, friends, other....we love you all.

-Cavan of VF-

VF Live and Ridiculous!

Hey VFers! We've got a few shows coming up, check em out! All you Iowans out there, July 7th! Come and support Survivors Ink in Emerson, IA and help them express their love for their customers! Follow the link below to check out the band listing.


Next in line, we're hittin' Iowa AND Omaha!!! (Finally an Omaha show!) We're pulling in Viva Montessa and the Minnahoonies for our July 19th Omaha show at the Hideout, so be there to throw mad props out to our good friends from Iowa!

Last, but not least, August 4th at the Lair in Omaha...lineup is as such :D

If you've read this far, you are awesome! And I am done! We hope to see you at one or all of our aforementioned shows!


Shows coming up for Omaha, Finally!!!

Hey all Vfers! We're finally starting to work on Omaha for shows! We're currently looking for any bands willing to throw down with us in the area, so lets get together and melt some faces shall we? More later, keepin it short for now, but check our show postings once in a while to see when and where we'll be playing next!

New Recording!

Hey all! VFers and whatever else you refer to yourself as... A new song has been posted! It's great when you can just sit down and crash through a recording session and bam, the whole thing's done for a while. Anyways, enjoy the new one and let us know if it sounded better, before, during, or after you took a hit.


Additional recordings coming soon...

Pending this guitarist's survival of a massive upcoming holiday there will be more music posted soon! I believe there is a video out there associated with said track, "Celestial," is the title, I don't know, I haven't seen it yet, but it's fun to play.

Celestial is a bit slower than we normally would write, less technical, but it's got a spacey, open, quality that's pretty cool to listen to. It's interesting actually, we haven't had the chance to hear this song outside of playing it live, so hearing it recorded should be a neat little milestone.

Anyhow, ready your minds for more from VF and by all means, burn out our posted tracks, take a break, and come back to them for more!



Word. So, we're currently in the process of recording our first album, unmastered tracks are currently being posted as demos....and wow...it's an interesting learning experience. Doing this stuff at home is great, as you literally get what you put in, so...you put in a lot, you get a lot and vise/versa. Anyhow, our recorded stuff is slowly but surely coming together, more will be posted soon!! Keep your eyes on our page for more updates and show postings...cause that stuff is starting to take off!