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Violent Fade / Blog

First Press for VF!!


New Recording!

Hey all! VFers and whatever else you refer to yourself as... A new song has been posted! It's great when you can just sit down and crash through a recording session and bam, the whole thing's done for a while. Anyways, enjoy the new one and let us know if it sounded better, before, during, or after you took a hit.


Additional recordings coming soon...

Pending this guitarist's survival of a massive upcoming holiday there will be more music posted soon! I believe there is a video out there associated with said track, "Celestial," is the title, I don't know, I haven't seen it yet, but it's fun to play.

Celestial is a bit slower than we normally would write, less technical, but it's got a spacey, open, quality that's pretty cool to listen to. It's interesting actually, we haven't had the chance to hear this song outside of playing it live, so hearing it recorded should be a neat little milestone.

Anyhow, ready your minds for more from VF and by all means, burn out our posted tracks, take a break, and come back to them for more!



Word. So, we're currently in the process of recording our first album, unmastered tracks are currently being posted as demos....and wow...it's an interesting learning experience. Doing this stuff at home is great, as you literally get what you put in, so...you put in a lot, you get a lot and vise/versa. Anyhow, our recorded stuff is slowly but surely coming together, more will be posted soon!! Keep your eyes on our page for more updates and show postings...cause that stuff is starting to take off!