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Two New Tracks! and 2014

Greetings to all! We are back! And on a mission! We are going to introduce two brand new songs. "Omni" and "Valkyrie" Omni will be on the new E.P. schedule for 2014 while with Valkyrie will be a non album track. This is the first official release of new material since the bands "Lament" was released in January of 2013. We are going to take our time for 2014 to test the waters and see what catches peoples attention. We are looking to possibly perform at local venues and possible local coffee shops. Michael has been very hard working on the brand new album which is not schedule until 2015 and this will indeed be the biggest release from the band! 20 years in the making! We hope you all will enjoy our new songs and take them to heart or to a place of your choosing. Kate and Michael have worked very hard finding the right direction and wondering if and when a new task would be at hand. And so now it is time to end 2013 with two brand new creative new songs from one of the most talented local acts for the Ambient, Alternate, Dark Wave style! Where it's dark? The light will overcome and once again thrive for great listeners young and older. Happy Holidays to all and we will see you all in 2014. Be well! Gardin Of Edan

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Lament Available On Bandcamp

Hello to all. Lament is now downloadable and for a great price. Get your copy today!

To all the fans!

Just wanted to say thank you to all for being our fans. As for the many we to are fans of your great music you present as well! The many who have not been noticed til now! We thrive for greatness and good songs to present to the many out there! Thank you to all and keep up with the great work you all do! Michael Z

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1-29-13 Lament

The New Gardin Of Edan album Lament will be released in cd format. Cost will be 10.00. If you are interested please email us at facebook gardinofedan and make payment through paypal. Account to scarecrow002@aol.com add as merch funds and add 3.00 for shipping and handling along with your address.

Bio on "Lament"

The first new album in 3 years from Michael and Co. With now a Female vocalist to blend in beautifully with the dark melodic sounds. And Michael going back to the roots of old school synths and drums and also with the help of Erik D. Guest live drum. The band has come full force with atmospheric and beautiful sounds that shows the lighter and darker side of life. With the raw industrial sounds of Rose Red,Cryptonic and Skyfall And the harmony and unique songs as Shiva,Lost in You. And the more moody yet sad blend of Dream of Me and Phoenix down. 11 brand new tracks with years of an emotional ride. Things have come full circle to tell a new tale. This is the end... And the new beginning of G.O.E. Numbers of rave reviews have been made on Reverb nation and the band has been #1 for 7 weeks locally and counting. And also on the rise of the indie charts of spiritual and dark new age. Gardin is back with a vengence and is coming to take over what the band has once claimed before. The right to put out great songs and beautiful vocals. Jan will be the release of "Lament" A simple end of the old and a beginning with the new line-up. Are you ready! The Gardin will dominate once again!

Faithless Wonder

Another brand new track for the forthcoming Gardin Of Edan album Beautiful Creature. Pure beauty! done on 12-19-12. Way things are going will have all the demo made and done by end of the evening. Hope you all enjoy! The rest of the tracks will not be posted til release!

new demo posted

I had the time to work on some brand new songs tonight 12-19-12. Eve and Shiva they will both be on the Beautiful Creature album due in Early to Mid 2013. Enjoy. Both done by M. Ziemba


I wanted to thank the many. I notice today I have been #1 for the past month and been in the top 30 for the U.S. and top 40 for Global. I am very humbled and couldn't do it alone. I had alot of inspiration this past year and a couple who pushed me in the right direction. Thank you to all for your support and hope you will all enjoy the new loooong delayed final studio album. Coming soon!